Star stickers and calendars, oh my! (aka the BEST WRITING TRICK I KNOW)

Hey lovelies!

I’ve been getting asked quite often to explain the “calendar trick” I’m always talking about in regards to writing/accountability/keeping track of work, so here you go! An elusive VLOG.


53 thoughts on “Star stickers and calendars, oh my! (aka the BEST WRITING TRICK I KNOW)

  1. Disquietus says:

    You need to stop being adorable and making me love you more because using Owl stickers to signify finishing a book = winning all around. I love all Owl shaped things.

  2. Laura says:

    This is fantastic! I’ve been needing some writing motivation recently and I think this might just do the trick. Looks like tomorrow I’ll be making a trip to the office supply store! (Also: So happy you’re vlogging again! I loved watching the Making History series and just your face in general 🙂

  3. I LOVE THIS SO HARD. More of this please! x

  4. […] extra moment crafting my latest novel, and I will do everything I can to get that back. I will try calendars and stickers, I will try instrumental playlists, I will try sacrificing my lunch break to the writing muses. And […]

  5. Scarlett says:

    Such a great idea, thanks for sharing!

  6. […] was in the Dollar Tree today picking up stickers (because I’m totally joining the craze Victoria Schwab started on that front) and I found cute contact paper.  A buck a roll.  I figured, what the heck.  It […]

  7. …okay, I’m going to try this. Wrapping my mind around what the stickers would mean in revision land. Thank you for doing the vlog and I LOVE your owl stickers.

  8. Donna Breaux says:

    This a great idea. Thank you.

  9. 1 L Loyd says:

    Stickers! I love it! I started out this month marking my calendar with a highlighter. Tomorrow I head for the store. Stickers. =)

  10. Saw this link mentioned by Penny Klosterman in Susanna Hills, Making PIcture Book Magic writing group. I am SO GLAD I stopped by!! What great advice!!! Thank you so much for this vlog. I love the idea of having this visual note of my daily/weekly accomplishments. This will also help me stop beating up on myself. Getting me some owl stickers, too. Thank you again.

  11. […] the big tools that I think will help me get there is the sticker method. I first heard about this method from Victoria Schwab, but she’s not the first to use it – not surprising because it’s highly […]

  12. This is a most excellent idea! I am definitely going to have to get myself some stickers, although, I would probably divide the sticker usage between writing and blog work.

  13. […] have to do with all these pictures of stickers?  Well, last year, Kait Nolan made me aware of this vlog that talks about rewarding writing with stickers.  I thought it was interesting and I could admit […]

  14. […] going to hand this post over to Victoria Schwab and she will explain her sticker method for writing a […]

  15. […] writing superstar – 4 books published, 3 more (at least) on the way. I know you rely on the sticker method to help get your work done. Did you have special stickers for The […]

  16. […] Hawkins and Victoria Schwab are doing with their own calendars (see their posts on it here and here respectively), I’ve decided to add stickers to show off my writing […]

  17. Just found this on the twitter – and by found, I mean Stephanie Perkins sent it to me on the twitter because I asked about the sticker pictures. IRRELEVANT. The point is that this is an awesome trick, and I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing!!

  18. I heard about this sticker wizardry a few weeks ago, and when I searched for it today, I found your awesome video. Thanks to you, I’m adding star stickers and a new wall calendar to my shopping list. Roomie will think I’m crazy, which is all the more reason to try this out. Thanks for sharing. I’m linking to your video from my blog so that every writer-type that follows me will learn about this as well. 🙂

  19. […] her talking about using a calendar trick to get her word count.  I looked that up and found her vlog about it, and I decided to try […]

  20. […] Archived and Vicious, two very great books which everyone should check out. She talks about that here. So far I love it and I have been getting my words […]

  21. cobalt714 says:

    Reblogged this on Book Obsession and commented:
    Victoria Schwab is one of the writers that I follow on Twitter – she tweets her love for Scotland, so how could I not?

    Victoria also writes really good books like ‘The Archived’ which is FABULOUS.

    And if that’s not enough, she gives helpful writing tips like this little gem from September of last year.

  22. […] with the barista the whole time), and got little to no writing done. Then I remembered that Victoria Schwab does this calendar thing and figured I’d give it a go. I’ve never been a very calendar-y person, but I realized […]

  23. […] aiming high. It comes out to 5000 words per day, and my Writing Calendar (an idea I stole from Victoria Schwab) is set up with daily totals listed so I can keep track. If things go according to plan, this will […]

  24. […] aiming high. It comes out to 5000 words per day, and my Writing Calendar (an idea I stole from Victoria Schwab) is set up with daily totals listed so I can keep track. If things go according to plan, this will […]

  25. […] not feeling like it? Do you bribe yourself with chocolate and Netflix? Or perhaps you use Victoria Schwab’s stickers and calendars method. Let me know in a comment, and Happy […]

  26. […] Victoria Schwab is a YA author who has a deliciously simple strategy for keeping herself motivated to write, and keeping track of her daily word count goals. It’s so easy and so effective. I wish I’d thought of it years ago. […]

  27. […] that you’re out there making things happen. Maybe this is the year you finally attempt the sticker method (do it, it is so useful for keeping track of things and giving you a visual representation of how […]

  28. […] posted a picture of their month back in December, and Google’d my way around until I found this video. The idea is pretty simple: assign a value to a sticker. A day’s writing, say, or 500 words, or […]

  29. […] It’s something that the lovely Victoria Schwab came up with (she talks about it here and writes about it here) where you get a sticker for certain […]

  30. […] a wee bit of writing.  I have my little board for post-it notes, my calendar of achievement (ala Victoria Schwab). The windo faces west and I get to look over the little greenbelt we have at whatever weather is […]

  31. […] mental ones because I can’t find my stickers, but you know. Or maybe you don’t! Check out this post by Victoria Schwab.) I also get myself something delicious, edible, and special every 5k. Usually this is a cupcake. […]

  32. […] I’ve adopted Victoria Schwab’s calendar method for checking off daily achievements and keeping track of what I’ve done and when I’ve […]

  33. […] productivity methods: they’re all stolen from someone else. 😀 In this case, fantasy author V.E. Schwab–and I need to remember to buy her books to thank her for this […]

  34. […] The sticker system is awesome, and for me, it works. I don’t know why I’m so deeply motivated by stickers, but I am. Lots of you are, too. DON’T PRETEND YOU’RE ABOVE STICKERS. […]

  35. […] I’ve stolen Victoria Schwab’s sticker calendar idea [link, if you’re curious:…%5D and that helps me a lot. I know some writers who have to write X pages before they let themselves […]

  36. […] of turning a blank page into a 80K manuscript seem more manageable. YA author Victoria Schwab has a “calendar trick” that you might find useful for keeping track of your writing […]

  37. […] is author VE Schwab’s calendar system, with stars for different achievements. I’ve bought the stickers already, but not the […]

  38. […] Kat: I love making lists, too! It’s always great to have a concrete way of looking at your progress. Although I never actually tried it myself, I know Victoria Schwab has a popular method that involves stickers and a wall calendar. You can take a look at her vlog about it here:… […]

  39. xoangeleexo says:

    Reblogged this on Angelic Devils and commented:
    This is a great productivity boosting trick using stickers! Although the vlog was aimed at writers it can apply to many different projects/goals. Love it!

  40. […] I saw this vlog by V.E. Schwab and it basically was like I got permission to do something I’d kind of wanted […]

  41. […] Stars +Stickers + Calendar Method – The best #GetItWrittenDeadlineAchiever Trick! […]

  42. […] big calendar to use for tracking/motivation, as per the lovely Victoria Schwab’s idea – bonus: I get to play with stickers! The idea is to use different colours of stickers […]

  43. […] I note deadlines, long-range goals, releases, and events on the calendar. At the end of every day, I add stickers to note my daily achievements. In my case, I use sparkly animal and flower stickers—a rose for 500 words drafted, an animal for completing a chapter. Making the initial goals fairly easy to achieve will lead to a sense of accomplishment and encourage consistency. Other daily achievements can be added depending on personal needs: blog posts written, marketing endeavors, time spent at a standing or treadmill desk instead of sitting . . . Here is a video of author Victoria Schwab talking about how she uses her calendar and the success she’s had by using this simple technique.…  […]

  44. […] first saw this idea on Victoria Schwab’s blog, and think it’s a great tool for writers. If you’re not into planners, but are still […]

  45. […] use a separate writing calendar. I got this idea from Victoria Schwab. She made this awesome vid (check it out!) I had TONS of stickers left over from my last teaching job. So I bought a cheapo calendar at […]

  46. […] using Victoria (VE) Schwab’s star calendar method again. I started again in October and it’s been really helpful in getting me back on track and […]

  47. […] Victoria Schwab is a YA author who has a deliciously simple strategy for keeping herself motivated to write, and keeping track of her daily word count goals. It’s so easy and so effective. I wish I’d thought of it years ago. […]

  48. […] started using a new way of tracking (and rewarding) my writing. I’m dabbling with the “calendar method” (borrowed from V. E. Schwab) where you give yourself a sticker on the calendar to represent […]

  49. […] really keeping track of how much I was writing from day-to-day (I have jumped on the method which Victoria Schwab uses to chart her writing with shiny coloured stars on a calendar). Between the 13th-25th April I […]

  50. […] Really all you need to get started is some stickers and a calendar or planner. I first stumbled across using a sticker system for writing from the great and powerful Victoria E. Schwab,  author or one of my favorite series, A Darker Shade of Magic, and a woman who has written 14 books by the age of 28. So, yes, let’s listen to her, people. (Check out her lovely video on keeping a sticker chart here). […]

  51. […] is, gold stars are fun. V.E. Schwab agrees, and her writing work ethic is something that still leaves me crying in the corner with white […]

  52. […] I got the idea from Victoria Schwab and it has really helped me. […]

  53. […] you’ve never seen Victoria Schwab’s calendar method before, check it out here.You assign each thing a colored sticker, and then, when you’ve done that thing, you get a […]

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