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Hey V, what is that crazy color wheel thing you sometimes mention???

Okay, so I’m packing for Auburn Writers Conference (why yes, I did JUST get back from Boise, and this is the busiest. month. EVER), and I wanted to take a sec and re-post something from way way back, mostly because I like it and have been thinking about it a lot.

I talk online now and again about my senior thesis (2009) and my intention to go back for a PhD in literature (specifically archetype, folklore, and fairy tale). Mostly I talk about my incredible ability to put off the application to graduate school every. single. year (this will be the third year).


Now and then, I mention, or someone else mentions, THE ARCHETYPAL COLOR WHEEL aka the crux of my senior thesis, and because I haven’t shown it recently, and because I’m about to make it into a poster and possibly a t-shirt, I thought I’d repost it.

THIS is my archetypal color wheel:

It’s basically a map of Campbell’s classic archetypes grafted onto a fundamental color, which allows for the analogizing and all kinds of fun yet accessible interpretation.

I’ve been thinking about the project a lot lately, 1. because it’s that time of year where I briefly consider applying to doctoral programs, then have a good laugh and carry on, and 2. because I’ve been putting together the material for a course I’m workshop I’m teaching this weekend on fairy tale archetypes, which are really a modified version/subcategory of the classic ones above.

ANYWHO, something shiny to distract you from the fact I’ve been terribly remiss in posting bookish things…