A quick look at my books, both those on shelves and those still to come:


THE NEAR WITCH (Disney*Hyperion, August 2011). A dark fairy tale about a village called Near, where a stranger appears one night, and the next the children begin to disappear, one by one by one. To learn more, click HERE.

“THE ASH-BORN BOY” (Disney*Hyperion, May 2012). A free prequel novella (it was written as a gift to readers to celebrate the paperback release of THE NEAR WITCH) available online. To read, click “Sneak Peek” after going HERE.

THE ARCHIVED (Disney*Hyperion, January 2013). A new series about a library where the dead are shelved like books, and the girl who must hunt down and return the ones that wake and escape. To learn more, click HERE.

THE UNBOUND (Disney*Hyperion, January 2014). Set three weeks after the end of THE ARCHIVED, the sequel deals with the physical and psychological aftermath of book 1. To learn more, click HERE.


VICIOUS (Tor, September, 2013). A dark twist on heroes and villains, this comic book without pictures follows two pre-med students as they discover that the key to superpowers lies in near-death experiences, and set out to test their theories.

A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC (Tor, Winter 2015). A fantasy series that takes place in a series of parallel Londons—where magic thrives, starves, or lies forgotten, and follows the last of a line of blood mages and a pickpocket from Georgian London as they combine forces to save the worlds—all of them.


EVERYDAY ANGEL #1, #2, #3 (Scholastic, May 2014, August 2014, December 2014). A series following a whimsical young guardian as she tries to help new friends out of difficult–and even dangerous–situations.

SPIRIT ANIMALS – FALL OF THE BEASTS #2 BROKEN GROUND (Scholastic, January 2016). A fantasy series set in Erdas where every child who comes of age must discover if they have a spirit animal that can unlock incredible power. However a dark force from the past threatens the fate of Erdas. To learn more click HERE.


36 thoughts on “Books!

  1. Deb Paul says:

    My granddaughter Ashlyn loved the book everyday angel New Beginnings. She is looking forward to reading the next 2 books. When will they be available to purchase ? Can they be purchased anywhere other that though school book fairs ?

    • veschwab says:

      Hi there! I’m so glad she enjoyed the first book! The second will be out in school fairs and in bookstores in August, with the third to follow in fairs/bookstores in either December or Jan. The first will be out in bookstores this May.

  2. Abbie says:

    Will there be a sequel to The Near Witch? I read it last year and loved it!

  3. hannah Seely says:

    My name is Hannah. I read the book Everyday Angel. I have a few questions for you. 1: What inspired you to write this book? 2: When/Where can I find the next books? 3: Did you know that you skipped from chapter 22 then jumped to 33 and then back to 24 in your book? I was wondering if this is a mistake or you meant to do that? 4: I liked this book very much because it connected to my life. I have scene my guardian angel. Just like Gabby saw hers in the book. Please send me and e-mail back so I know you saw this.
    Thank-You, Hannah Seely

    • Dayanara Rosas says:

      My name is Dayanara ( of course you cant pronounce it.) I really like what you think of everyday angel too. I am wondering where have you seen your guardian angel? And where do you live?

  4. William says:

    Dear Victoria Schwab,

    Hi, my name is Alexis Myer and I read your book called EVERYDAY ANGEL, and I loved it so much I wanted to say a few comments and questions about it.
    First, I just wanted to say I enjoyed this book very much. I love how it has mystery and charm in it. One of my favorite parts in the book is when Gabi starts to sing in music and loses her smoke that represented her sadness. I thought that was creative how you came up with the smoke. Another thing I liked about the book was how Aria always added pop of color to things, it made me happy thinking about all the colors! Another comment was I love how you represent that everyone has their guardian angel some place out in the world.

    Now I wanted to ask you a few questions. First off, how did you come with the idea of this book?
    Is there going to be a sequel to this book?
    What do you want to teach kids when they read this book?
    Are some of the things that happened in the book true?
    How did you become an author?
    What inspired you to write the book?
    When Aria has helped all three girls will she go back to spend time with them?

    Those are most of my questions for now, I would really appreciate it if you write back to me. I hope maybe someday I could meet you in person. You have really inspired me, I might want to be an author when I grow up. Thank you so much.
    Alexis Myer
    Grade Sixth

    • veschwab says:

      Hi Alexis! I’m really glad you enjoyed it! As for your questions, some of them I can’t answer here because I answer them in the books, so you’ll just have to keep reading to find out. But I will say that Book 2–Second Chances–is out now, and Book 3–Last Wishes–is coming out in January. As for what I wanted to teach kids, that changes with each book. In the first book, it’s about finding your identity/voice, and understanding that there are things in life you can’t control, so it’s important not to lose sight of what you CAN. No, the specific aspects are not true, but all fiction has truth in it. And I became an author by writing A LOT, working to get better and better until I was strong enough to sign with an agent and then a publisher. I was inspired to write the book because I wanted to help girls who might be going through some rough situations, or who might know someone going through that situation.


  5. Kylie says:

    Your book Everyday Angel: New Beginnings was absolutely amazing! It is my favorite book! I cannot wait to read the second and third book! I enjoy the way you write and your imagination! Keep em’ coming! 😊

  6. Lauren says:

    Dear Victoria Schwab,
    Hello my name is Lauren and i am in 5th grade. Everyday Angel New Beginnings is my favorite book out of all of the books I have ever read! Every time I read a book,I can’t understand them because it’s just not my type of book! Everyday Angel I can acually understand and I love the book! My goal is to read all of your books.
    I didn’t really like to read that much,but when I opened the very first page and read it I wanted to keep reading it! I’m done with the book and I can acually picture in my head what is happening. What are some of your other books called? I want to get some. You are my favorite author ever! I hope to hear from you.

    • veschwab says:

      Hi Lauren! I am so, so glad that you enjoyed Everyday Angel so much!!! I think sometimes we just need to find the right book to become a reader, and I’m honored that Everyday Angel was yours 🙂


  7. Camila dos Santos says:

    Hello 🙂
    I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your books “The Archived” and “The Unbound”. Once I started I couldn’t stop. So thank you for writing those books, I really liked them. Even my boyfriend started reading them now and he is enjoying them as much as I did.
    One question: will there be a third a book?
    I’m looking forward to your new book “A Darker Shade Of Magic” it sounds very interesting!

    Best wishes from Germany! 😀

  8. Arely says:

    HI,I’m Arely and I’m in 5th grade.I would also like to mention that you are absolutely my favorite author.I love EVERYDAY ANGEL,1 and 2.I’m also a picky reader but ever since I read the first page I love the books.And I cant wait to read EVERYDAY ANGEL #3.And I love how your imagination just creates new and exciting things and adventures.I also have a few questions.

    How did you come up with Aria’s character?

    Are any of Gabby’s,lily’s,or Caroline’s traits or hobby’s familiar to yours?

    What will happen after Aria helps all three girls?

    What specific things did you want to put in the books?

    But most importantly
    Will you keep writing books like these after Aria helps all three girls?Because I personally hope you will.Best wishes.

    ~Arely,your biggest fan

  9. Dayanara Rosas says:

    Dear Victoria,
    My name is Dayanara. I have read your book EVERYDAY ANGEL. I think that is one of the best books I have ever read. I have read number 1 and 2 I really wish number 3 could come out soon! when is number 3 coming out? I wish for some day to meet you in person. You’re officially my best author in the world!!!!!!!!!!!
    Youre officially number one fan, Dayanara. Hope to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Zoe says:

    Are you planning on writing a third Archived book? The first two were wonderful!

  11. Tammie says:

    My 10 year old daughter isn’t much of a reader, but she loved all three books in your Everyday Angel collection. I want to buy her more books she will love. Do you have any other books for your age range, or similar to Everyday Angel?

  12. aiko says:

    Hi Ms. Victoria I just want to ask do you have signed copy of your book that can be purchase online? Thanks 😊

  13. Bella says:

    Hi, Victoria! I absolutely ADORE your books! I read “The Archived” for a school reading competition (my friends Carol and Abby actually emailed you in November) and then read “The Unbound” as soon as humanly possible. I read “A Darker Shade of Magic” a few weeks ago and I just finished “Vicious” which I loved! I was wondering (and hoping) if there would be a second book to “Vicious”? I loved the characters and I HAVE to know what happened after the book ended! Thank you so much for being so brilliant and sharing your brilliancy with the literary world!!!:D (I have a flair for the dramatic in case you can’t tell.)

  14. Hi! I’ve heard so many good things about Victoria’s books from the Booktube community, and so i’ve decided to read them all! Which one is recommended to start with? Thanks so much to anyone who replies!

    • Aisha says:

      Hi! I heard about Victoria’s books through Booktube as well (from JesseTheReader) I read the Archived a few days ago and it was AH-MAH-ZING! I would recommend you start with that one, I don’t think you’ll regret it!

  15. Colleen Maier says:

    My daughter and I have just finished reading your Everyday Angel series. We loved them and were wondering if you have any type of sequels planned? Or perhaps a similar series? They are such an uplifting, positive series for girls! Please continue with this type of writing!

    Colleen Maier

  16. Patricia Bryner says:

    Hi, Just about 1/4 thru “A Darker Shade of Magic” and I am enjoying the read very much. This is my first book you have written and I will be adding your name to my growing list of Great authors. My pleasure in life is escaping into a good read. Thanks and I look forward to your other books.
    Pat Bryner from Ohio

  17. Shannon says:


    I recently purchased your book -A Darker Shade of Magic- on audio. I have already listened to it twice now, it was very good! I look forward to more adventures with Kell and Delilah. I can’t wait to hear their story continue. Thank you!

  18. I’ve got to add your books to my reading list!

  19. Carol Laux says:

    Hello! I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Archived and Unbound books! Another kick ass heroine to admire. I was wondering when and if you were going to come out with The Returned??

  20. mandy wong says:

    Dear Victoria Schwab,

    I just finished reading The Archived & The Unbound and I am so in love with your books

    Please consider publishing your books in Japanese. I would love to be able to recommend them to my Junior High School students.

    Thank you for writing such amazing and inspiring books.

    Love your unicornyness,

    *mandy wong*

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  22. madleycat says:

    I am devouring Unbound after a near obsessive speed read of Archived: will there be a third Archived book? They are fabulous!

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  24. Brooke Boyd says:

    I read the Archived years ago and fell in love. I was looking through my bookshelf and saw the Archived so i decided to reread the series. I read a while back that you were writing a third book for the series called The Returned and was wondering if it is true.

  25. Danika Lindsey says:

    V.E Schwab, I am in LOVE with your books. I just finished the Darker Shade of Magic Series and have read basically every book of yours. You are my favorite author and will always be. My dad introduced me to you and I couldn’t stop reading your stuff. Keep creating amazing books!
    -Danika Lindsey, 12

  26. Natasha Cooney says:

    Hi Victoria! My daughter in grade 4 absolutely loved your book City of Ghosts and was hoping there was a 2nd book following that one? The Red Raven lady and all the characters fascinated her and she was hooked. If there isn’t I sure hope you plan to write one similar or continuing? Or do you have a suggestion for a similar book like that one? thanks so much!

  27. Brityn Dennis says:

    Hi! I am in 6th grade and I love your book City Of Ghosts. I love reading it over and over and over again because it is such an amazing book and you are such an amazing author!!! I got my copy of the book for Christmas, 2019 and I have read it so many times from that point!!! Thank you for writing these books! I can’t wait to read the next book in the series!

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