Vicious trading cards

Some authors do bookmarks for books. Or buttons. Or totes. But for Vicious, I decided to do TRADING CARDS. One for each villain in the book.

They look like this:

trading card group final



If more books get added to the series, then each will have its own batch of supervillain trading cards. At the moment, there are FIVE cards you can collect. The four above, and this one:




So…how do you get these lovely cards?

If you buy the book (online or digitally), read it, review it–on Amazon, BN, Goodreads, etc–and send a link w/ the review to viciousveschwab at gmail dot com, I will send you a full set of VICIOUS trading cards 🙂

Sound fair?

I think that’s fair.

15 thoughts on “Vicious trading cards

  1. I’m so excited for this! The book trailer is fabulous! Just pre-ordered it on Kindle.:)

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  3. ama625 says:

    I am so doing this…. Honestly who can resist book swag!! Also now tweeting this to all my other book obsessed pals lol. THIS is awesome ! 🙂

  4. mylittleemo says:

    First of all, I have to say that I’m a huge huge HUGE fan of your books. Vicious was amazing and I got an ARC of A Darker Shade of Magic which was even more amazing! I’m in love with your settings and characters and every single nuance of your writing.

    I have a question about posting the reviews. I’ve read the novel and written a review but I do not own it nor have I posted it anywhere besides my blog and Goodreads. In order to qualify for the trading cards (after buying the book obviously) and posting the reviews on the mentioned sites, would there be anywhere else that I’d need to post the review?


  5. Jamie Welch says:

    Is this still a thing? Please tell me this is still a thing!

  6. Oh my giddy God this is adorable. *buys book from Amazon*

  7. Omg Vicious is like my favorite book of all time so I am all over this! I’ll be sending that email pronto!! Thank you so much for bringing it back!!!

  8. Ps not like….IS my favorite!

  9. Luz Ponce says:

    Hi, is this still available? Are you selling them now that it’s been years? P.S: I loved the book!

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  11. Whitney Hitt says:

    Is this still a thing?!!

  12. […] Also, check out these really awesome character cards from Schwab’s website! […]

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