Facts about THE ARCHIVED

Fact: The Archived is the first book in a series. The next book, The Unbound, comes out in January 2014.

Fact: Wesley Ayers is a nod to one of my favorite male leads of all time, Westley from The Princess Bride. Black mask –> guyliner!

Fact: There are THREE nods to Doctor Who in The Archived. 1. Roland = David Tennant, 2. the infinite library, and 3. the crack in the wall.

Fact: The Archived came about when I got the idea for two very different settings (the library of the dead and the crumbling hotel) and decided I wanted to have a character who lived in both.

Fact: Da is Mackenzie Bishop’s dead grandfather.

Fact: None of the current members of the Archive can remember how it started, only that it’s always been.

Fact: In the very first version of The Archived, Ben was a very, very minor character, mentioned only in passing.

Fact: Lisa is based on a real librarian named Lisa.

Fact: Mackenzie Bishop is named Mackenzie because I wanted a strong female name that could be shortened but only in classically masculine ways.

Fact: In an early version of the book, the Bishops had a cat. It did not go well.

Fact: The original title for The Archived was All Things Between.

Fact: The titles of the books in the Archived series refer to specific people in each book.

Fact: In the very first draft, the Histories who woke up weren’t children/teens. They weren’t young at all. One History, a little old lady, will go down as the creepiest character I’ve EVER written. I’m determined to have her show up in the Narrows by the end of the series.

Fact: There are TWO real Coronado Hotels. Both of them have been converted to apartment buildings, and neither of them is the inspiration for the one Mackenzie moves into.

2 thoughts on “Facts about THE ARCHIVED

  1. […] So the last book I read had something that made me think of the adipose from Doctor Who. Now I have a book with a character that is 100% channeling David Tennant. In wondering if it was just me… I found a blog post from the author which includes her nods to Doctor Who. […]

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