Facts about THE ARCHIVED

Fact: The Archived is the first book in a series. The next book, The Unbound, comes out in January 2014.

Fact: Wesley Ayers is a nod to one of my favorite male leads of all time, Westley from The Princess Bride. Black mask –> guyliner!

Fact: There are THREE nods to Doctor Who in The Archived. 1. Roland = David Tennant, 2. the infinite library, and 3. the crack in the wall.

Fact: The Archived came about when I got the idea for two very different settings (the library of the dead and the crumbling hotel) and decided I wanted to have a character who lived in both.

Fact: Da is Mackenzie Bishop’s dead grandfather.

Fact: None of the current members of the Archive can remember how it started, only that it’s always been.

Fact: In the very first version of The Archived, Ben was a very, very minor character, mentioned only in passing.

Fact: Lisa is based on a real librarian named Lisa.

Fact: Mackenzie Bishop is named Mackenzie because I wanted a strong female name that could be shortened but only in classically masculine ways.

Fact: In an early version of the book, the Bishops had a cat. It did not go well.

Fact: The original title for The Archived was All Things Between.

Fact: The titles of the books in the Archived series refer to specific people in each book.

Fact: In the very first draft, the Histories who woke up weren’t children/teens. They weren’t young at all. One History, a little old lady, will go down as the creepiest character I’ve EVER written. I’m determined to have her show up in the Narrows by the end of the series.

Fact: There are TWO real Coronado Hotels. Both of them have been converted to apartment buildings, and neither of them is the inspiration for the one Mackenzie moves into.

One thought on “Facts about THE ARCHIVED

  1. […] So the last book I read had something that made me think of the adipose from Doctor Who. Now I have a book with a character that is 100% channeling David Tennant. In wondering if it was just me… I found a blog post from the author which includes her nods to Doctor Who. […]

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