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Introducing the MAKING HISTORY video project! Watch. Share. Join in.

Watch. Share. Join in.

To watch the first video in the series, head over to PageTurners by clicking HERE.

And I really hope you’ll join in, and share a piece of your History-in-progress.

If you decide to join in, and share, be sure to send me a link, so I can compile the stories!

A Vlog! On New Hair, the Dowager Countess, Line Edits, and Drug-Like Highs.

In this vlog:

-New hair
-Things I have in common with the Dowager Countess
-An epic book of symbols
-The wonderful nature of library books
-Line edits and how close they are to THE WORDS IN THE BOOK.
-Ways in which publishing is like doing drugs
-Other nonsense