VICIOUS IS NIGH!!! (and other things you should know)

Lovelies. Lovelies. I can’t even…

*breathes deeply, composes self*

VICIOUS comes out in 5 DAYS. As in, in 5 days, it will be everywhere. On shelves. On doorsteps. The whole nine yards.

In 5 days I will write a post with a lot of feelings (if you’ve not watched this vlog yet, it should serve as a good intro to the feels that will spill across this blog on Tuesday: ). But it’s not Tuesday yet, so we shall hold off on those feelings.

In the meantime, a few orders of business!

I’m getting ready to head to New Orleans (for the very first time) to participate in the SIBA (Southern Independent Booksellers Association) trade show! I can’t wait to look at graveyards and talk to awesome indies and read to them from VICIOUS (!) and eat beignets. I’m really, really ex

1. Author copies!



One day I will have enough author copies to build a throne.


I will be going to NYCC this year for both VICIOUS and THE ARCHIVED!

On Saturday, I’ll be on a pretty epic panel called ODE TO NERDS, but I will also have TWO in-booth signings, one for THE ARCHIVED and one for VICIOUS.

Yes, that’s right, on Friday I will sign THE ARCHIVED in Disney’s booth (10:30-11:30) and then VICIOUS in Tor’s booth (12-1) and you can come and get FREE COPIES OF BOTH and get them signed by me and such and it will be a blast. More details (such as time of day) to come on that front.

3. A new blurb!!!

I am so humbled to announce that VICIOUS picked up a NINTH blurb this week, from an absolute force:

“V.E. Schwab’s Vicious is the superhero novel I’ve been waiting for: fresh, merciless, and yes, vicious.”

—Mira Grant, New York Times bestselling author of Blackout


4. So VICIOUS is about to hit shelves. What does that mean? What can I do? How can I help?

This is something I will try and address more next week, but I wanted to say briefly now that a book release is 75% OMG AWESOME and 25% TERRIFYING and I might have actually gotten those statistics reversed.

So much work goes into a book–so much work went into THIS book–and the moment when you have to let go, when it ceases to be yours and becomes everyone’s, is utterly terrifying. All you can hope as an author is that people love it, and that they love it en talk about it, because we live in a word-of-mouth era. Talking about books sells books. One voice in one ear can multiply more than anything.

All I would ask as we head into next week is that, if you’re so inclined, you spread the word. Tell one person about VICIOUS. Hell, tell two! I wish I could explain how much power you have now.

Even when it seems like a book doesn’t need your help, like it has the voice and the steam it needs, I cannot stress enough that a book is like a coal-driven train, in that it needs constant fuel.

I’ve felt incredibly blessed by the voice given to VICIOUS so far, both by PW, and by my amazing blurbers, and by you. But it’s still incredibly scary, and you live in this place of “blow on the coals! Blow on the coals!” So if you have even a single breath of air to spare, it would mean the world if you could use it to tell someone about VICIOUS 🙂

Until next week, lovelies!


4 thoughts on “VICIOUS IS NIGH!!! (and other things you should know)

  1. storyofageek says:

    I’ve told pretty much anyone who will listen to read Vicious and I will continue to until they show me that they have read the book. It’s also going to be the book of the month for my Youtube collab!

  2. ACK! EEP! *Muppet arms* I just can’t wait to get it. Although I do wish B&N would have let me use the stupid coupon! ARGH! And I’m hoping to see you at NYCC. I can’t come until later, tho. I will have to look what time you’ll be around. I’ll be hanging at the Spencer Hill Press table since I’m going to be doing a little bit of work. Hoping to stay overnight in the city that night and have some FUN!

  3. Michael Lacasse says:

    So I was on Chuck Wendig’s blog the other day and I saw this interesting interview that got me intrigued. Then I poked over on Amazon and checked out the little snippets available. Now I must have it. I MUST! …I’m never going to get through my “must read” books, evahr. Looking forward to it!

  4. BookNeedLove says:

    It’s really great to hear what you’ve said in the video. So honest and touching.
    I’m reading The Archived and I love it ! Can’t wait to read VICIOUS. It’s really sad that I can’t order a signed copy because they don’t ship to Hong Kong (where I live).

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