On the end of a series, tour, Target, and more.

It’s real. 

As I sit here writing this, I keep sneaking sidelong glances at the finished copies.

A set. Something with a beginning, middle, and end.

I’ve never been so proud of anything in my life. I’ve never had a harder time letting go.

People keep asking if this is The End, to which I say it is the end of This Story.

And in less than 2 weeks, it will be here. In less than 2 weeks, I will go on tour and get to share this book with readers!

Here’s the official tour schedule:

And this time, we are doing something special.

These life-size cutouts of the ADSOM gang will be going with me! Readers at every stop will be able to sign the backs, take photos with them, and have the chance to win their own at the end of tour.

Meanwhile, I’m hard at work on OUR DARK DUET, which comes out in 5 MONTHS.

*cue nervous laughter*

And while I sit in my edit cave, a weird little life goal has come true!

THIS SAVAGE SONG is in Target!!!!

Until the end of February, you can find a copy of my strangle little monster book in the book aisle!! If you do, please take a photo.

Now, I must go back to work. Have a picture of Alucard Emery in my kitchen. 

15 thoughts on “On the end of a series, tour, Target, and more.

  1. Leanne says:


  2. Lisa Burns says:

    Wish you were coming to Philly! Can’t wait to dive into ACoL!

  3. Oh my god I cannot wait!!!

  4. Loving your work!

    On a side note, where can I buy or when can I expect ACOL in paperback format?
    It seems that hardcovers are released before paperback… why?? 😦

  5. Olivia Clark says:

    I can’t believe this is actually happening!! It feels like an end of an era!! These books have been amazing and are still amazing and I can’t wait to read ACOL to finish it off!! I just want to say Well Done V.E Schwab for this amazing book series and how proud you should be for this beautiful world you have created!! Also it’s every darker shade of magics fan dream to have a cardboard cut out of all the characters!! They’re all my book babies and I love them!!! ❤ ❤

  6. Claire says:

    I have been talking of little else except for how excited I am for ACOL! Thanks for writing such an amazing series (with pirates and magic and London and queer characters, ahhhh, no better combination exists)! Any plans for a U.K. tour in the future? xoxo

  7. TylerDFC says:

    Just finished Darker Shade of Magic and loved it. Reviewed on my site if interested. One of the best fantasy books in years. Great characters and beautifully written. Already started Gathering of Shadows.

  8. […] PS. Nikt inny, tylko myszkovska pożyczyła. Z reguły tak jest, że wychodzę od niej z siatką książek. Z siatką książek też przychodzę, wymiana być musi. PPS. Autorka niedługo rusza a w trasę promującą trzecią a ostatnią z książek i muszę przyznać, że razem trylogia prezentuje się bardzo elegancko. […]

  9. Rashay Gavilan says:

    That Kell cutout… ❤ I love this series so much. I wish it would never end but at the same time the end of the third book is just so fitting. I'm going to be re-reading these books for the rest of my life.

  10. Jasmine says:

    Hi Victoria – I have been following your career for about 7 or 8 years now. I watched you publish your first book, and I have watched with happiness as your career has blossomed into something truly amazing. I too am a (struggling) writer, and I was wondering – how did you tell yourself it was all possible, and therefore make beginning the work possible? And, a more practical question: how do you sit down to write a novel? Do you draft an outline? How many hours do you work per day? I work a lot, and yet I seem to produce very little finished work, I think because of feelings of defeatism. Any answers would be greatly appreciated, but, in any case, congratulations on your recent successes and good luck for the future, which I am sure will be wonderful. All best.

  11. Ramona says:

    Hello Victoria I am an artist who loves to read. I draw and paint most of my art has been inspired by books that I have red. I love to get into a book i imagine what a character looks like and play out the story as I read. I fell in love with your archived series and it has inspired my artistic ability. I would love to read the third book when you finally finish it. The series is my alltime favorite so far. I have red hundreds of books but I can’t stop thinking about the one book I cannot read. I know how busy you are but do you think you will have this book published this year.

  12. […] Life-size cutouts of the main cast. Photo taken from V. E. Scwhab’s website […]

  13. Liz says:

    I always thought Shades of Magic would work well as an anime, so I’m hopeful the cutouts mean you’re considering it!

  14. […] Life-size cutouts of the main cast. Photo taken from V. E. Scwhab’s website […]

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