Behind the scenes of the ADSOM TV deal!

Hi lovelies!

So, it’s a well-known fact that publishing is 90% waiting, and a large part of that waiting for me lately has been waiting to share a piece of news! I hinted at it now and then, mentioned working on a script, but yesterday, Deadline finally broke the news…


You guys.

You guys.

ADSOM is being developed for TV! Not just for TV, but for a limited series. Think Game of Thrones, or Daredevil, or any of the incredible shows rocking the 10-12 episode format.

I’ve been sitting on this news for the last 6 MONTHS. 6 months of working hand in hand with my producer Danielle as she showed me the ropes of script-writing, and worked tirelessly with me to get it right.

Here’s what Danielle had to say:

“Victoria is the ultimate world builder. I knew I had to be a part of this project when I started dreaming in Red London. Schwab’s writing is so vivid you start to see it and imagine it all around you. She has a very special gift. We are thrilled to be a part of helping her bring ADSOM to life.”

Excuse me while I draw hearts around that quote.

I actually went out to LA in the fall to meet with Danielle and talk through the project, and she surprised me with an ANTIQUE MAP OF LONDON. You guys. We’re meant for each other. I think Danielle has read ADSOM even more times than *I* have.

Now that the news has broken, there are a few things I want to address:

Q: You’re writing the script?!?!

A: I am indeed. When the producers asked me if I wanted to write the pilot, I thought long and hard about whether it was the right decision. One of my primary reasons for agreeing to adapt the material was the creative control, the opportunity to dictate the aesthetic and story. My producers have involved me in every decision, and promise to continue doing so, and I’m immeasurably grateful. This means that if ADSOM comes to TV, it will do so with my seal of approval. 🙂

Q: Have you already written the script?

A: I’ve been working on the pilot script for the last 6 months! It’s buffed and polished and almost ready to conquer the world. Or at least LA.

Q: Please don’t mess this up.

A: I am trying very hard not to.

Q: Does this mean that ADSOM will definitely be airing on my TV?

A: Of course not, nothing is that simple. As with most high-risk, high-reward pursuits, there are many doors left to unlock. BUT ADSOM is off to an incredible start, and we’ve got a lot of people on our side, including YOU. The best thing you can do for the series is keep reading it, so those people in Hollywood know it’s worth the time and money.







19 thoughts on “Behind the scenes of the ADSOM TV deal!

  1. Lia Keyes says:

    I’m so very excited about this, both for you and for me and all your other readers who long to visit all the Londons in a new way. The fact that you’re writing the pilot is a HUGE plus. Film and television are collaborative arts, so nothing is guaranteed, but with your base material they have the best chance of not screwing up their parts in it. It’s such a visual-treat-in-the-making!

  2. carryreads says:

    I’m so excited about this! I loved ADSOM and even better that you’re so involved in the process! I get the feeling that TV makers are working harder on these things nowadays. I hope we’ll see it come to life!

  3. I am not ashamed to say that I’m a 29 yr old woman that literally danced around in a circle of happiness when I read this! Lol. I hope all the doors open and that one day, soon (crosses fingers) I’ll see a good book brought to life on the tv screen. Now you’ve got me thinking of actors! lol.

  4. Amy says:

    That is wonderful news. Congrats! I think ADSOM is a perfect book to be translated to screen. There’s such great world building and all the descriptions are so vivid. I’ll admit, when I first read ADSOM I wanted to be able to visit Red London. Now, through the magic of my TV hopefully I will.

  5. Oh, this made my day!! Congratulations!

  6. Ally says:

    I am SO proud of you! And super super excited about this news! GAAAAAH I CAN’T WAIT!

  7. Charity Park says:

    I cannot wait! I know it will be great!

  8. […] Victoria Schwab recently announced that A Darker Shade of Magic television series is in development, and she is writing the script for the pilot. […]

  9. I like your article, very inspiring, and thank you for your post

  10. Oh my God! Congratulations Victoria, this is great news! I cannot wait 🙂

  11. Anna says:

    Oh mY GOD. I don’t think I will stop banging my hands on the table until the pilot releases. Congratulations! I’m so amped that you’re writing it, too! Very few authors get to stick their hands in the visual media side of their book-work. I’m also excited that it’s going to be a television series instead of movies. So many other books need to follow-up on this path!

  12. smolbeaning says:

    Personally, I don’t like books that are adapted for TV because of all the changes. But with you being the one writing the pilot I feel better about it. I could probably trust you with my life *kneels down and hands you my life* so I can most definitely trust you with this. Can’t wait!!! (Victoria, you are a lucky woman, I never use exclamation marks, let alone three in a row)

  13. Andrew says:

    Great news! Even greater news that you’re writing the pilot. Greater yet that it sounds as though you’re not writing the other scripts…

    Because I want you to have time to write books. Perhaps that’s selfish of me, since I’m already looking forward to Even More Viciouser, or whatever the sequel to Vicious will be called, and to more new books from you.

    I also want you to have time for you: for reading, for travel,…


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  15. […] February my favourite author, Victoria Schwab, announced that her novel A Darker Shade of Magic was being optioned for television. Each season is aiming for an arc of 10-12 episodes, following in the vein of other limited series […]

  16. Tejasv says:

    Pls check out my blog too

  17. […] So, have you read ADSOM? What do you think of it? Do you know it’s going to be a TV series? […]

  18. Michelle says:

    I am so so SO excited to read this! I just finished the whole trilogy (far faster than I wanted to — I wasn’t ready to leave their world just yet!) and I can’t wait to see what they do with it on TV!

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