A quick look at my books, both those on shelves and those still to come:


THE NEAR WITCH (Disney*Hyperion, August 2011). A dark fairy tale about a village called Near, where a stranger appears one night, and the next the children begin to disappear, one by one by one. To learn more, click HERE.

“THE ASH-BORN BOY” (Disney*Hyperion, May 2012). A free prequel novella (it was written as a gift to readers to celebrate the paperback release of THE NEAR WITCH) available online. To read, click “Sneak Peek” after going HERE.

THE ARCHIVED (Disney*Hyperion, January 2013). A new series about a library where the dead are shelved like books, and the girl who must hunt down and return the ones that wake and escape. To learn more, click HERE.

THE UNBOUND (Disney*Hyperion, January 2014). Set three weeks after the end of THE ARCHIVED, the sequel deals with the physical and psychological aftermath of book 1. To learn more, click HERE.


VICIOUS (Tor, September, 2013). A dark twist on heroes and villains, this comic book without pictures follows two pre-med students as they discover that the key to superpowers lies in near-death experiences, and set out to test their theories.

A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC (Tor, Winter 2015). A fantasy series that takes place in a series of parallel Londons—where magic thrives, starves, or lies forgotten, and follows the last of a line of blood mages and a pickpocket from Georgian London as they combine forces to save the worlds—all of them.


EVERYDAY ANGEL #1, #2, #3 (Scholastic, May 2014, August 2014, December 2014). A series following a whimsical young guardian as she tries to help new friends out of difficult–and even dangerous–situations.

4 thoughts on “Books!

  1. Deb Paul says:

    My granddaughter Ashlyn loved the book everyday angel New Beginnings. She is looking forward to reading the next 2 books. When will they be available to purchase ? Can they be purchased anywhere other that though school book fairs ?

    • veschwab says:

      Hi there! I’m so glad she enjoyed the first book! The second will be out in school fairs and in bookstores in August, with the third to follow in fairs/bookstores in either December or Jan. The first will be out in bookstores this May.

  2. Abbie says:

    Will there be a sequel to The Near Witch? I read it last year and loved it!

  3. hannah Seely says:

    My name is Hannah. I read the book Everyday Angel. I have a few questions for you. 1: What inspired you to write this book? 2: When/Where can I find the next books? 3: Did you know that you skipped from chapter 22 then jumped to 33 and then back to 24 in your book? I was wondering if this is a mistake or you meant to do that? 4: I liked this book very much because it connected to my life. I have scene my guardian angel. Just like Gabby saw hers in the book. Please send me and e-mail back so I know you saw this.
    Thank-You, Hannah Seely

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