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If you only watch ONE of my videos, I hope you choose this one.

Hey guys.

Having kind of a rough time right now, so I’m keeping this short.

If you only watch one of my MAKING HISTORY videos, I hope you choose this week’s post.

It’s short, and simple.

It’s about a small act of kindness that changed my life, and the way I choose to live it.

And before I send you over to the blog hosting the video, I just want to thank you all for the small acts of kindness you have shown ME. Some days a smile, a nice note, an online hug, an “are you okay?”, a gif…any small, kind act…can mean the world.

So thanks. And keep on being lovely.


Making History, dogs covered in tape, and a reminder about NICENESS online.

It’s a Tuesday, and that means it’s time for the fourth installment of MAKING HISTORY. This week involves my puppy, Kuma, and a LOT of masking tape.

To watch that video, AND enter to win a pre-order of THE ARCHIVED, just click HERE.

A reminder that ALL videos so far can be found by clicking HERE.

AND this week, two more lovely people joined the challenge and shared their own stories.

To read Leigh Caroline’s, click HERE.

To read Rachel Thomas’s, click HERE.

If YOU want to join in, just film a vlog or write a blog post sharing a story of your own. It can be anything, so long as it’s true.


Before I log off to go write books and edit books and fret and pack for NYC and such, I want to take a moment to talk about niceness.

I’ve always been extraordinarily lucky, as an author and even just as an Online Person. I have many author/OP friends who receive abuse from the internets, and consequently accept it as par for the course. Perhaps BECAUSE I’ve been lucky, I do not.

So I just wanted to remind the internets that authors and all OP are not just personas, they are people. I do my best to be as accessible as possible online, to share my ups and downs and random thoughts, and that level of openness can be difficult, but it’s been fostered a wonderfully supportive community.

I think, because I’ve been so transparent for so long, that people assume it 1. is easy for me to be so/comes naturally or 2. is just part of my marketing strategy or 3. is an attention-grabbing ploy.

It’s none of the above.

In fact, the blog posts on moving, on change, the MH videos, discussing the highs and lows of my life and my life in publishing, those things are very, very challenging. And that’s WHY I do them. They take an immense amount of effort. Withholding is much easier. Being a smiley facade is much easier. But it’s IMPORTANT to me to be honest. It’s important to me to push myself that way, because when I was starting out, I scavenged for honesty.

This is all to say, sometimes being who we are, and who you see online, ISN’T easy (maybe for some it is), and that makes it all the more important to be kind to one another. To be nice.

NEVER set out to make someone feel bad about who they are. It’s utterly baffling to me how often I see this online. It doesn’t help anyone. So don’t do it.

So be nice.

Or walk away.

I have been seeing a good deal of CASUAL MEANNESS online lately, and it makes me sad. Let’s not be a part of that. If anything, strive for INTENTIONAL KINDNESS.

Love you, lovelies.

This week on MAKING HISTORY…Victoria goes hitchhiking in France…in a cowboy hat…and it doesn’t end well.

Hey guys! It’s a Tuesday again, and that means it’s a MAKING HISTORY day around here.

Today the third installment of the MAKING HISTORY project goes up over on the fabulous YA Bibliophile blog.

Click HERE to head on over there and learn about how I got picked up by the cops in France. Oh, and you can win things!

Click HERE to check out Week 2’s video, in which I was in a shooting at a carnival. And you can win things!

Click HERE to check out Week 1’s video, which involved a Jeep Cherokee, two parents, two dogs, a cat, and a furby in Oklahoma. And (I’m sensing a pattern) you can win things (giveaway ends tonight)!


This week two wonderful bloggers joined in with their own MAKING HISTORY videos.

Marie Landry shared a memory HERE.

And Hannah Courtney shared a memory over HERE.

If YOU want to be a part of the MAKING HISTORY project, simply create a video (or blog, if you’re scared of cameras in that don’t-want-to-conquer-this-particular-fear way) and share a memory of yours.

And now, I’m off to Auburn for a couple days, to hang out with the always-amazing Rachel Hawkins, make mischief, write books, and maybe get tattoos. If that last one happens, I bet it will show up in a future MAKING HISTORY video 😉

Week 2 of MAKING HISTORY–in which Victoria is shot at, and other people join the project–and giveaway winners

It’s a Tuesday! And Tuesdays around here, in addition to being inherently superior than Mondays (because we all know Mondays are a bit evil), are MAKING HISTORY days.

To recap, last week I kicked off the MAKING HISTORY video project, which is essentially a story-sharing endeavor. My first video went up HERE, and my introduction vid, which is up HERE explained the project.

At the end of the intro vid, I said I hoped other people would join in. And in the first week, two people did!

Leigh Statham shared a childhood memory HERE.

And Shalena from Writerquirk shared a memory HERE.

This week, I’m sharing another memory–a not-so-happy one at that–over on BOOKISH. Evie is so awesome that, in addition to the swag pack I’ve sent her, she’s also hosting an international pre-order giveaway!

So, what I want to know is, will you join in? Will you share a memory–good or bad–from your life? I’ve already committed to posting videos each week. I don’t have a choice. I am the minimum for The MAKING HISTORY project. It can either be me standing alone on a stage, or it can be something more. A shared thing.

If you want to add to the MAKING HISTORY project, simply create a video (or blog, if being in front of a camera is scary in a not-fun way) and tell us a story, any story, so long as it’s true. Then shoot me a note so I know, and I’ll link it in the following week’s post.

I’d really love to be able to add your stories to the project.


Also, giveaway winners!

The winner of the signed, finished copy of THE ARCHIVED, the swag, and the choice of crit/interview/guest post is…Alyssa Susanna!
The winner of the pre-order of THE ARCHIVED and the swag pack is…Lili Feinberg!
The winner of the swag pack is…Teresa Lloyd!

Five of My Favorite YA Wordsmiths

I revisited my old stomping ground today, the YA Rebels, to talk about five of my favorite YA wordsmiths. Click to see who I picked.

And tell me, who are some of YOUR favorite wordsmiths?


Want to know what happens at a writing retreat?


[They totally had to drag me out of my editing cave, cookie dough spoon in hand, to film this]