Announcing the GATHERING OF SHADOWS pre-order campaign!!!!


We are getting more AGOS trading cards in stock in December! That means this offer is officially reopened!


So many people turned in their preorder receipts in the first week that we ran out of stock. Hopefully we’ll be able to offer more closer to release, but in the meantime, this giveaway is closed. Check back later.


Hello, lovelies!

Over the past week, Tor has been teasing the gorgeous AGOS art cards designed by Victoria Ying. And now that they’ve finally been revealed in all their glory, it’s time to kick off the pre-order campaign!

First a moment to appreciate these beautiful cards, featuring four of the tournament magicians in A GATHERING OF SHADOWS. Those who’ve read A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC will recognize two of them 😉


Long-time readers know that I love providing incentives for those dedicated enough to pre-order, both because I love my readers, and because publishers pay a lot of attention to pre-release statistics.

So here we go!

I have 200 sets of these cards! The giveaway is open internationally, and all you have to do is send:

-proof of pre-order (ex: screencap of receipt)

–a mailing address to:

Also, a sneaky little heads-up! There will be a super exclusive FIFTH card featuring a certain prince, and available ONLY at in-person events next spring 😉

14 thoughts on “Announcing the GATHERING OF SHADOWS pre-order campaign!!!!

  1. maganbagan says:

    Will you be announcing your tour/event stops soon?

  2. Mavel Diaz says:

    I love them, they’re gorgeous!

  3. Oh go those cards are beautiful

  4. Kas says:

    The cards are gorgeous!

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  7. Should we receive email confirmation for our proof of purchases?

  8. frenglishgirl says:

    I know this is a little late (a bit?) but is this still happening?

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  10. […] I’d like to finish by talking about the delicious slice of angel cake that is Alucard Emery, but if you haven’t read AGOS and experienced the best character I’ve ever read, you need to go away and fix that right now! Alucard, Alucard, my charming, witty, talented, gifted, beautiful, handsome, suave, sexy, guarded, romantic, humble Captain of the Night Spires you truly are the best character I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet! I don’t want to give anything specific away because he is one of those characters you have to fully experience to truly love but suffice to say, he is a perfect fit for the series and has fascinating and hilarious experiences with our main characters, Rhy, Lila and Kell as well as the perfect backstory. And thank you to Victoria Ying for designing the most beautiful card for him and three of the other competitors, they are comfortably situated on my wall, ready to protect me with their elemental magic if I’m ever attacked during my sleep! You can see the cards HERE! […]

  11. nootropics says:

    Incredible loads of fantastic information!

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