27! Some Birthday Thoughts.

Hello, lovelies!

So, today’s my 27th birthday, and as I’ve been remiss in posting I thought it was time to check in.

I won’t lie–26 was in many ways a rocky year. While I was fortunate enough to see both VICIOUS and THE UNBOUND hit shelves, I also dealt with setbacks, both professionally and personally. Some hurdles are now behind me, others I’m still fighting my way over.

And as happens with birthdays and major life changes, I’ve been thinking a lot lately, not only about where I’m going, but of how far I’ve come.

I’ve been in publishing for almost exactly 5 years now (I went on sub in May, and sold in September, so it depends which system of measurement you use). In those 5 years, I’ve been lucky enough to sell nearly a dozen books.

As an industry, we put so much expectation on debuts, but I have to say, I’m relieved to be on the other side of that particular hurdle. And, given publishing’s obsession with the new and shiny, I’m grateful to still be here, not only to my houses, but to my readers.

But it’s no surprise that I’m fighting burnout. These past couple of months have been particularly hard, and with an international move and graduate school looming, my batteries feel dangerously low. I feel like time is escaping through every crack, minutes from every hour and hours from every day. So any positive thoughts you can spare on that front would be appreciated. 

But as with all things, we press on. 27 is a new age, and a new year, and I’m hoping to make something of it. There are adventures to be had, stories to be written, books to be released into the world, Masters degrees to be pursued. And I promise to take you with me, wherever I go.

In the meantime, I go in search of cake and calm.

If you want to give me a birthday present, show THE ARCHIVED or VICIOUS some internet love today 😉 And be kind to someone who might need it. 

6 thoughts on “27! Some Birthday Thoughts.

  1. Happy Birthday! You have accomplished so much. Please, take a break… spend some time on you, and enjoying your success. I’m approaching 50, and I can tell you, it is OKAY to slow down and nurture yourself.

  2. sarah says:

    Happy birthday! I echo what Rhonda said 🙂

  3. eonarchived says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! Good luck with your international move (it sounds amazing).

  4. Happy late birthday! We just thought you should know that we published our first novel on the date of your birth (not on purpose, of course) but we’re sure it will bring us good luck. Here’s to many more years of you writing!

  5. Happy birthday, V. Here’s to new adventures, deep satisfaction, and a bit of rest.

  6. Julie Israel says:

    Happy belated birthday, and OH MY GOODNESS, you are only 27??? Give yourself some major credit because not only are you published– your work is AMAZING! Vicious is one of my favorite books ever. I recently turned 26 and am still just trying to land an agent.

    Out of curiosity, what masters degree are you pursuing? All the best in grad school and with your international move! 🙂

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