Grab THE ARCHIVED for only $0.99!

Hey lovelies!

I’m in LA, getting ready to do an event at the LAPL with five AMAZING ladies (Gretchen McNeil, Margaret Stohl, Anna Carey, Robin Lafevers, Mel de la Cruz) but I wanted to let you know about something AWESOME that’s going on right now.


The folks at Disney*Hyperion have dropped the price of the ebook across ALL platforms to $0.99, but only for a few days.


That’s less than a cup of cheap coffee. Less than the change in most pockets or purses. And you can use it to grab the whole book (*and* the first chapter of the second).

If you’ve been on the fence, holding out, or just haven’t gotten around to trying out this series and you want to (or if you just want to show support and pick it up in another media), this is your chance!

And I hope you’ll spread the word. To be honest, I’ve already been completely overwhelmed by the response. The deal went live yesterday and as of my typing this, the kindle version is ranked #153, and the nook is ranked #56. I am so grateful, and simply hope that this promotion helps more people to discover a series I care about so very much.

Links for USA:




Link for Canada:



2 thoughts on “Grab THE ARCHIVED for only $0.99!

  1. I shared all over! Everyone NEEDS to read this!

  2. Amazon says that The Archived is unavailable for Kindle 😦

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