2013: My strange, wonderful, heartbreaking, surreal year in review

Wow. What a year. I’m doing this post as much as a reminder to myself as an update for my readers.

This has been an absolute roller coaster of a year.

In 2013…

–My second book, THE ARCHIVED, hit shelves.

–I traveled and promoted, and got to panel with Veronica Roth, Lissa Price, and Lauren Oliver at LA Times Festival of Books, which was an absolute highlight of my promo year.

–I lost two dogs very close together. I’d had Mitzi since I was 8 years old, and the absence of her was devastating. Sam I’d had since I was 16. Needless to say, both left holes in my heart.

–I spent more than a month in Europe, including two weeks in Scotland that reaffirmed my decision to live there, and two weeks traveling through Europe doing research for a future book.

–I felt abandoned.

–I wrote PIRATES, THIEVES, AND SADIST KINGS (not real title).

–I got to announce my middle grade series with Scholastic.

–I filmed a video advertisement for Scholastic.

–I wrote the second book in the middle grade series, Everyday Angel.

–I felt lost.

–I got to sign ARCs of VICIOUS at BEA to a group that started lining up two hours in advance. And I got to do it with my incredible editor at my side.

–I wrote my first ever short story, “Warm Up,” and had it published on Tor.com.

–I got to sign both VICIOUS and THE ARCHIVED at New York Comic Con.

–I got to write a series of essays about one of my favorite books (STARDUST) by one of my favorite authors (Neil Gaiman), and he read them.

–I felt frustrated.

–I learned to play tennis.

–I watched all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad in less than a month.

–VICIOUS hit shelves.

–VICIOUS racked up a humbling array of “Best of” lists as well as a PW star.

–VICIOUS sold movie rights to an incredible team of producers.

–I felt hopeful.

–I sold books.

–I had books rejected.

–I made some incredible new friends, both within the publishing sphere and without.

–I got accepted to graduate school in Scotland.

–I said yes to the offer.


This has been a strange, wonderful, heartbreaking, surreal year. I don’t know what 2014 holds, but I hope there is balance and hope, and a bit of magic.

And of course, I hope there is adventure.

5 thoughts on “2013: My strange, wonderful, heartbreaking, surreal year in review

  1. What an incredibly magical year. So very sorry about the dogs. Scotland will be awesome. All the best to you in 2014!

  2. bhwrn1 says:

    Wow that’s some year! Ups and downs, but many more ups than downs. And lots of good to come in 2014!

  3. I am so proud of you, hun. (: Keep up the awesome streak next year.

  4. Leigh Caroline says:

    For every down, there is an up. For every up, a down. FWIW? You are loved. And there are always willing ears if you need them. *hugs* Hope for more awesome and less ack! next year! ❤ *smooshes*

  5. A_vicious_fan says:

    Vicious movie? I just google’d it, and oh wow, I just fanboy’d all over the place.

    I don’t really read YA, so I’d never heard about you before. I stumbled upon your book thanks to the GoodReads Choice Awards, and it’s terrific! I was telling all about it to my roommates and even told them what an awesome movie material it would be. And now this!

    Is there ever going to be another novel in the same world? Maybe even a sequel?

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