The sequel to THE ARCHIVED has a title!!!! And it’s…


After holding my tongue for months, I can finally tell you that the second book in the ARCHIVED series has a title! And believe it or not, it’s not THE ARCHIVED #2! Or ARCHIVED…AGAIN.

Are you ready?



That’s right, book 2 is called THE UNBOUND. And there’s your little sneak peek at the color palette for the book 😉

First off, let me just say that I’m so nerdily (totally a word) excited that we get to continue the book/library motif in the titles! AND on top of being bookish and awesome, this title fits the book so well. Many thanks to my editor, Lisa, for coming up with it!!

Now, I know you might be thinking, didn’t THE ARCHIVED just come out??? It’s so early to talk about sequels! Well, my publisher has a new 2 catalog/year schedule, and the catalog for September–March is being revealed now, and since I’m a January title, it means you get to see my pretty things alongside the fall list 😉

Now, lovelies, the excitement is just beginning! Tomorrow, the COVER (!!!) and JACKET COPY (it’s spoiler-free!!) will be revealed on YABC–YA Books Central–so be sure to follow me on Twitter because you’ll know I’ll shout that joy from the rooftops when the post goes live.

In the meantime! A few quick myths I’d love to dispell, since they pop up like roaches in a Brooklyn flat.

Myth #1: THE ARCHIVED is a dystopian novel.

Truth: I have no idea where this idea is coming from. I don’t think it’s coming from me. And while I have nothing at all against dystopian novels, I haven’t written one yet! THE ARCHIVED is probably best described as a supernatural thriller. It’s not set in the future, or even an alternate world. It’s set in modern day USA. The idea is that the Archive exists in the here and now, most people just don’t know about it. So nope, not dystopian! If Mackenzie Bishop existed solely in the Archive, as compared to living in the real/mundane world from which she accesses the Archive, then you could begin to create an argument that the Archive is a flawed–if not failed–utopic system. But not as it is. Nope. Sorry kids. So if you see this myth creeping bug-like around the internets, squash it 😉

Myth #2: THE ARCHIVED is the sequel to THE NEAR WITCH.

Truth: Nope. THE NEAR WITCH was my first novel, and a standalone. THE ARCHIVED is the first book in a series. There is no connection whatsoever between Near and the Coronado. Not that a meeting of Lexi and Mac, or Cole and Wes, wouldn’t be fun 😉 But let’s keep those two worlds apart.

Myth #3: VICIOUS is the sequel to THE ARCHIVED.

Truth: Wrong again. VICIOUS seems to be causing a swell of confusion, so allow me to set a few things straight. VICIOUS is my first adult novel. It comes out this September! September 24th, to be exact, with Tor Hardcover. I am over the moon about this book, but you probably haven’t heard me talking much about it. That’s mostly because adult publishing moves at a different pace than YA, so where I get my cover/pitch a full year before a YA book hits shelves, these things come together roughly 6 months before release in adult. Different schedules means different timing. But the time is now upon us, and you’ll hear my talking much more frequently about it! So no, it’s not a sequel to anything, it’s a new book.

The other reason you might be confused is that I’m not writing it as Victoria Schwab. I’m writing it as V.E. Schwab. V.E. Schwab is not a secret identity by any means. My blog is veschwab. My twitter is veschwab. Everywhere I’m on the internet I’m actually listed as veschwab aka V.E. Schwab. I’m not endeavoring to hide! It’s just that I have a number of younger readers (THE NEAR WITCH being lower YA) and I’d rather they not automatically reach for my gory supervillain book because they see my name. Also, to be very honest, I’m aiming for world domination here, and sometimes it pays to be shelf-stealthy, especially in a branch of the industry that is largely male. I’m having a blast proving that young ladies such as myself can write as sick and twisted as the rest of the writer race, but it serves me best if my initial impression is of my book, not my gender.

In cheery news, the cover for VICIOUS is going to be revealed SOON. As in, a matter of days! So, whee!

Myth 4: Victoria feeds on reader tears.

Fact: Oh, well, this one is actually true.

Myth 5: Victoria thinks Earl Grey tea is an abomination to the senses.

Fact: Also true. Seriously, kids. Don’t get me started.

That concludes this installment of myth-busting! And I hope you guys like the title as much as I do!! I’m so excited to tell you more about THE UNBOUND in the coming months!

52 thoughts on “The sequel to THE ARCHIVED has a title!!!! And it’s…

  1. Hooray!!!! **Insert Happy Dance O’ Joy here**

  2. Love the title, can’t wait to see the cover!

  3. bhwrn1 says:

    ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT!!!! I cannot wait for this sequel, woman! It’s going to be EPIC!!! EPIC I tell ya! *dancing in circles and getting dizzy*

  4. bethfarwell says:

    Earl Grey IS an abomination! and GREEN!!!!! The Unbound. Beautiful! ❤

  5. cannefrye says:

    YES! CAN’T WAIT! Lovely title and I can only image how amazing the cover is!

    And it’s ridiculous how excited I am for Vicious!!!! *flail*


  7. So pretty, Victoria, and a great title! I’m halfway through THE ARCHIVED right now and really enjoying it. I’m already in love with Wesley. 🙂

  8. Mandy Silberstein says:

    Yay!! Love love love the title and am salivating to see the cover!!!

  9. Shiny title and color palette! Love it! Can’t wait! 😀

  10. FredTownWard says:

    Oh, yeah? Well what about THIS myth I’ll be spreading around?

    The title of the third book in the series, after “The Archived” and “The Unbound” will be:

    “The Definite Article”.

    Try looking THAT up in a Card Catalog!…

    assuming you are old enough to know what a card catalog is and why this might be a problem.

    • veschwab says:


      I’ll have you know, I know perfectly well what a card catalog is :p

      • FredTownWard says:

        Maybe you do, and maybe you don’t, YOUNG lady because in MY day (insert cane waving here) a card catalog wasn’t a computer program for performing look ups on a multiply linked list. It was actually a cabinet full of drawers full of cards fastened in place by a metal rod through holes in the bottom, alphabetized in one of two ways, by title or by author, and since each different possibility would have required a separate card to be laboriously typed up or hand written, there were detailed rules to eliminate ambiguity.

        McDonalds would have been alphabetized as “MacDonalds”
        The Archived would have been alphabetized as “Archived, The”
        Victoria Schwab would have been alphabetized as “Schwab, Victoria”

        Look it up the wrong way, and you didn’t find a helpful extra link pointing in the right direction, you found NOTHING at all (insert evil laugh here), and we LIKED it that way!…

        because we who had memorized the rules could get to the limited number of copies before the people who never paid attention in class.

        This was today’s edition of Totally Useless Information About the Past. The next edition will come out as soon as someone makes the mistake of referencing “kids today” or opines that everything is better nowadays.

  11. Captain Picard disagrees with you on that last point. Or he agrees and he’s a masochist. One or the other.

    Also, LOVE the title. Perfectly fits with The Archived. Can’t wait to see the cover! (And…you know…READ it!)

  12. Pamela says:

    So exciting, V! I can’t believe what a success you are. You’re an inspiration to us all. I’m pretty stoked to pick up Vicious when it comes out!

  13. Awesome! It fits so well with the first one. And I totally get changing the pen name for adult genre writing, especially if you’re concerned your gender will influence your audience. Yay for first initials!

  14. Danielle D says:

    Guess this calls for cookies and chcolate covered gummy bears!!!!

  15. ewein2412 says:

    I think you should call the next in the series ARC

    or FOXED

    OMG someone stop me now.

  16. Megan Trotter says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to see the full cover!

  17. I seriously cannot wait for the cover reveal. This title sounds so brilliant and I hope the cover is as great! 😀

  18. Ooh, the colors for The Unbound look awesome! And I can’t wait to dig into The Archived soon 😉

  19. Anabel says:

    VERRRY interesting! Love The Archived – I’m reading it now! Vicious sounds right down my ‘adult’ alley – can’t wait! So excited for you! (See all those exclamation points ~ my ‘boss’ Quartland would squash them immediately. BUT she’s not reading over my shoulder. So there!).

  20. Megan says:

    EEP so excited!!

  21. Kate says:

    I’ve never tried Earl Grey before…..I guess I’ll steer clear of it! 🙂 Oh my gosh that titles awesome and I love the color scheme. I can’t wait!!

  22. Samantha says:

    Well darn- I’ve just found out I cannot preorder this at Barnes and Noble yet 😛
    Ms. Schwab, if it is true you feast on readers tears then you shall be getting ONE HELL OF A FEAST from me because I simply do not believe I will last the proper amount of time before the sequel arrives…

  23. […] on her blog (link), she finally revealed the title. THE […]

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  25. Robyn says:

    Ms. Schawb, I loved The Archived. It is the best book that I have read all year, you kept me guessing until the last page and I can’t wait for The Unbound.

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  32. […] much I hate those. I am *trying* to wait patiently for the second book, The Unbound. Click this LINK to check out Victoria’s reveal of the title and this LINK for YABC’s cover reveal for […]

  33. […] much I hate those. I am *trying* to wait patiently for the second book, The Unbound. Click this LINK to check out Victoria’s reveal of the title and this LINK for YABC’s cover reveal for […]

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