Catching up, Horn Book, German Near Witch, FAQ, and the Mum makes a video!!

Hi, lovelies!

35 days till THE ARCHIVED. Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. The next blog post will be the ONE MONTH GIVEAWAY and it is epic and might involve some of my favorite books of the year, ARCHIVED preorders, and a key worth signed books FOR LIFE. Just saying.

But we’ll get there on the 22nd. Let’s talk about now.

I emerged from the deadline cave this week, alive if not unscathed. I turned in the latest draft of THE ARCHIVED #2 a few short days ago. I not-so-affectionately refer to this book as SOUL KILL, and anyone who follows me online knows that it has lived up to its nickname in the past few weeks. I had a full hour (well, 45 minutes) of freedom before diving BACK into the revision cave for another book (the first of the chapter books I’m writing for Scholastic).

In other, far more interesting news, fun things happened during my (relative) return to the living!

First, Horn Book loved THE ARCHIVED!!!

From their review: “…both poignant and intellectually piquant…[Schwab] writes of death, sorrow, and family love with a light, intelligent touch and inventive vigor.”

Wooo!!! I’m still waiting on a few of the others, but I’m thrilled to put this one up there with the Kirkus love.



This is not my hand, but this is my book. The real, FINISHED book. I can’t wait to get my author copies so I can 1. roll around on top of them, and 2. take more photos/a video so we can all savor the material glory (also, the reason my name looks darker is because it and the key are both spot-glossed, so it’s harder to photo them evenly). ALSO apparently the endpapers inside are GORGE and ugh why is it not in my hands, lovelies??? SOON.

ALSO! I got my very first foreign cover for THE NEAR WITCH!

It’s the German edition (my German publisher, Heyne, will also be publishing THE ARCHIVED!) and I am mildly obsessed with it. The title is VERFLUCHT!!! It means CURSED.


Agh I love it. It’s so very different from the US cover, and so loud and paranormal-y and there’s a kid in the woods and ughhh yes.


Also! FAQ!

That section of the blog has been updated thanks to your influx of awesome, random, and awesomely random questions! Just click the little tab at the top of the page to go there and learn things. Topics include tea, narwhals, Doctor Who, and sword canes.


You guys, after FIVE YEARS of trying to coax the Mum to make a video, I finally convinced her to make one for my Making History series!!! Please, please show her some love! The wonderful Emily over at Emily’s Reading Room is hosting her video, as well as a giveaway.

To watch THE INFAMOUS MUM, click HERE.

And don’t forget to swing by the Youtube channel HERE and see the other histories. This week is #14!! Crazy.

And now…

And now, lovelies, I must retreat back into the revision cave. But I want to know how you’re all doing. ❤ Leave your thoughts after the beep.

6 thoughts on “Catching up, Horn Book, German Near Witch, FAQ, and the Mum makes a video!!

  1. Leigh Caroline says:

    *giggles* In order: Yay for the great reviews, whoot for the finished copies (If I didn’t know that was someone who worked in publishing, I’d be going hunting at my nearest book store in hopes of an early “oh, get these books out of the storeroom” copy.) The German copy is gorgeous, though I’m not sure how well the model matches (the clothes and hair seems off from what I picture Lexi looking like, but that could just be me). The FAQ is FAQing awesomness! Love how cheeky your answers to some of them are (and now I know what deliciousness to bring you at events! Mwahaha!) Yay for your mom being brave and getting in front of the camera, and *throws pillows into the revision cave* 😛 (wow, long comment is long!)

  2. Anna says:

    Victoria, I loved The Archived, and I can’t wait to hold a finished copy in my hands as well! I also LOVE the foreign cover for The Near Witch (not nearly as much as the US one however). Third, I love your Mama – you can tell she is a very nice, warm-harted and unique individual. She gives me hope that although things like voice, etc are fading, I will also be able to recall memories of my father so that I can be able to tell my children, and nieces/nephews when I’m older. I loved her story and I can certainly see where you got your talent from. I hope you and your family have a wonderful end to the year and the best Holidays possible!

  3. Michael says:

    So happy for all your feels. I love the german cover, it looks awesome. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of The Archived and to see your mom in that video. Going to go watch now, and read that FAQ Page. =]

  4. Lindsay says:

    Okay, all of your covers are seriously amazing. AMAZING. Can not wait for Archived — seems like we’ve been waiting so LOOONG already:( Have a great holiday Victoria!

  5. Hi Victoria, I just stumbled across your sight (via Twit) and as a wannabee-published YA gal, I must confess your book covers are SPECTACULAR, (that was written with a glitter-gel pen!!!) and quite sincerely, I am “pois-verte” with envy. As a witchy-nature-gal I DO love the “Verflucht” cover especially…so very Grimm and German and all that.
    Hooray for you!! I will read your book immedietly, and have my eleven year old read it too. (She is my harshest/bestest critic!) Fee free to stop by my blog sometime. I look forward to hearing more about your success in the future. (Be advised rolling on hard-cover books could cause serious injury to the roller…but what the Hell.)

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