Orders of business: giveaway winners, charity money, YA for NJ, and my first ever YA scavenger hunt!

Several quick orders of business!


Results are in. Math is done. Here we go.

368 people entered!

The charity breakdown :
The Red Cross : $153
Nashville Humane Society : $111
Books of Wonder : $104

Because I allotted $500 for the giveaway, I will break the remaining $132 down evenly. That means each charity will get an extra $44!

So the totals become:

The Red Cross : $197
Nashville Humane Society : $155
Books of Wonder : $148

(Also, if you haven’t donated yet to Books of Wonder’s campaign, please know that a generous donor will be MATCHING all donations between now and the end of the day, if they can get a total of $20k new donations in that time! So our $148 will become $296!)

Now, the winner of the key worth signed books for the next three years is…


Thank you all so, so much for making the two month giveaway so wonderful!


I’ll be participating in the YA FOR NJ fundraiser, which starts November 30th. I’ve donated a 50-page manuscript critique, a signed paperback of THE NEAR WITCH, and a signed hardcover of THE ARCHIVED as soon as my author allotment comes in.

I’ll make sure to post links to my auction when it’s up!


Tomorrow kicks off the winter edition of the YA SCAVENGER HUNT, which is a huge, 50-author game with TONS of free books, and it will be my first time playing! In addition to donating a signed hardcover of THE ARCHIVED (also from author stash), I’ll have a very special little snippet up on my host’s blog.

All I will say is that the snippet is from the unpublished sequel to THE NEAR WITCH (I get asked a lot about a sequel, so yes there is one written and no I don’t know if it will ever be on shelves).


This week on MAKING HISTORY, I talk about a car accident on graduation night that could have changed everything. Click HERE.

5. ALSO.

–I put up the first little chunk of appearances for THE ARCHIVED, and immediately got asked about a bunch of other cities. I promise, the first little chunk is just that, a geographically specific little set. My publicist and I are hard at work putting together other groups of signings in different parts of the country, and I’ll post those as we get closer to release! But if you’re in the northeast, and northwest, I’m working on it!

–I just wanted to say thank you for the incredibly supportive response to the last blog post. For all my stress and fear and frustration, I’ve never felt alone, and that’s because of you. โค


4 thoughts on “Orders of business: giveaway winners, charity money, YA for NJ, and my first ever YA scavenger hunt!

  1. Woot! So awesome you were able and willing to give to such great causes. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Brooke says:

    Congrats to the winner!
    Everything sounds so exciting! Looking forward to seeing the auction!

  3. Leigh Caroline says:

    Awesome count on the charities! I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

    Oooh, 2 and 3 both sound awesome (Just looked it up, the auction runs through 12/7, in case anyone else is wondering how long they’d have to scrummage up some money). And if the sequel never gets published traditionally, maybe you could look at self publishing/kickstarting it? Don’t know how your contract is set up though, that might not work… Still. Dangle that fruit in front of our noses, temptress that you are. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I think the city suggestions are a result of enthusiasm. That, and some authors, if a city is suggested by multiple people, tend to push harder for those cities. At least, that’s why I suggest places when authors I adore mention tours. (That, and no one ever went to San Antonio, so now that I’m in civilization in Philly, I love when authors come near!)

  4. Lynsey says:

    Well done, I’ll bet the charities are really pleased ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, congrats to the winner!!

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