DRIVE-BY BLOG POST. Pre-orders, Gaiman hugs, All Hallow’s Read, indie love, and Einstein.

Drive-by blog post!

I have a book due in less than a week (and then ANOTHER book due at the end of November, cue alllllll the nervous laughter) so unless something strange and magical happens, I probably won’t be blogging again until I’ve at least survived the first of the two deadlines.

While I’m gone, a few quick notes:


If you pre-order THE ARCHIVED in any form–digital or material–and send proof to vschwab at comcast dot net, I will send you signed swag. And just a note, the pre-order price is still only $10! That’s the cost of a paperback! And I can go ahead and say that the material artifact of the book itself is going to be amazinggggg.

2. A HUG.

This week’s MAKING HISTORY video, hosted by the wonderful Ravenous Reader, is about the first time I met (And hugged) Neil Gaiman. It basically explains why I thank him in TA’s acknowledgements. You can find the video HERE.


Tomorrow is Halloween!!! Consider being a part of All Hallow’s Read and give a spooky book to someone (Oh, hey, *I* have a spooky book you could give…)

I’ll be throwing a couple Neil Gaiman titles in with the candy 😉


Specifically, a thank-you to everyone who came to the Parnassus event!! We had such a wonderful turnout. Having an indie bookstore to support again means so, so much, so thank you for helping it thrive!


Let’s end with a quote. Quotes are cool.


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