A sneak peek at Monday night’s live show, a chance to submit questions, and a little update on the sads.

Hey lovelies!

So, Monday marks THREE MONTHS until THE ARCHIVED hits shelves, and to celebrate, I’m doing a (rare…like, once a year) live show! For those who don’t know, a live show is essentially a chat but with video.

It will run from 8:30–9:30 EST, the link will go up here on the blog and on Twitter, and over the course of that hour I will be giving away a TON of presents, including an ARC of THE ARCHIVED, and half a dozen other ARCs and finished books from Disney*Hyperion…

…as well as tote bags, swag, and even an old-fashioned key redeemable for something AWESOME), and I’ll be chatting with YOU and answering questions.

Those questions can be submitted through the chat, OR you can post them here in the comments. They can be about anything, really, from writing process and advice to favorite actor, though if the answer is a spoiler for TA I might not be able to give a direct answer. But I’ll do my best to answer anything honestly.

So yeah, mark your calendars, and if you have anything you know you want to ask, you can leave it in the comments, or wait for Monday night.

* * *

Also, many of you sent me kind notes and “what’s wrong?”s and “whatever’s wrong you’ll be okay”s and for those I am so, so grateful. It’s been a rocky and emotionally draining couple of weeks. I’ve been under multiple deadlines, and then I found out very recently that my YA editor of three years, the one who really brought me up in the industry, was leaving, and that’s just been very, very difficult. I feel immensely lucky to be in such good hands, and to truly have a family at Disney*Hyperion, but it’s been a stressful couple of weeks, to say the least.


8 thoughts on “A sneak peek at Monday night’s live show, a chance to submit questions, and a little update on the sads.

  1. SweetMarie83 says:

    *gives you a great big hug*

  2. Leigh Caroline says:

    That chat sounds totally epicly awesome! I’ll do my best to be there (I have plans early in the evening, but going to try to make it home in time!) *hugs* At least it sounds like you’ll still be in good hands. I’ve heard wonderful things about every editor at D*H. But even then, change is never easy, especially when you’re already stressed. *hugs and passes chocolate*

  3. Sorry to hear about your editor. It’s a trying time in publishing right now, I think. But books will never go out of style, in my opinion, so carry on.

    As for the liveshow, that sounds like so much fun! Unfortunately I’ll be at work. If I can, I’ll try to tune in.

  4. Oh this is so exciting! I loved your book so much, Victoria! I’m going to try my hardest to be there! I am sure I can come up with some questions 🙂
    So sorry about your editor 😦

  5. graceart18 says:

    So sorry about your editor V!!! D: But it will be okay! Let’s see, question. oh, I know. Is there kissing in The Archived? Cause you wrote a blot post a while back about relationships in the book, and I didn’t get the feeling there would be kissing…but then I saw a teaser and there was kissing, so I’m a little confused.

  6. Dana Bartelt says:

    Do you have a favorite:
    Doctor Who episode?
    Companion of the Doctor?
    Actor who plays the Doctor?

  7. kimyunalesca says:

    Cyber Hug XD
    Any inspiration while writing the archived?
    Favorite quote/s?
    What is your all time favorite book?

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