Making History, dogs covered in tape, and a reminder about NICENESS online.

It’s a Tuesday, and that means it’s time for the fourth installment of MAKING HISTORY. This week involves my puppy, Kuma, and a LOT of masking tape.

To watch that video, AND enter to win a pre-order of THE ARCHIVED, just click HERE.

A reminder that ALL videos so far can be found by clicking HERE.

AND this week, two more lovely people joined the challenge and shared their own stories.

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If YOU want to join in, just film a vlog or write a blog post sharing a story of your own. It can be anything, so long as it’s true.


Before I log off to go write books and edit books and fret and pack for NYC and such, I want to take a moment to talk about niceness.

I’ve always been extraordinarily lucky, as an author and even just as an Online Person. I have many author/OP friends who receive abuse from the internets, and consequently accept it as par for the course. Perhaps BECAUSE I’ve been lucky, I do not.

So I just wanted to remind the internets that authors and all OP are not just personas, they are people. I do my best to be as accessible as possible online, to share my ups and downs and random thoughts, and that level of openness can be difficult, but it’s been fostered a wonderfully supportive community.

I think, because I’ve been so transparent for so long, that people assume it 1. is easy for me to be so/comes naturally or 2. is just part of my marketing strategy or 3. is an attention-grabbing ploy.

It’s none of the above.

In fact, the blog posts on moving, on change, the MH videos, discussing the highs and lows of my life and my life in publishing, those things are very, very challenging. And that’s WHY I do them. They take an immense amount of effort. Withholding is much easier. Being a smiley facade is much easier. But it’s IMPORTANT to me to be honest. It’s important to me to push myself that way, because when I was starting out, I scavenged for honesty.

This is all to say, sometimes being who we are, and who you see online, ISN’T easy (maybe for some it is), and that makes it all the more important to be kind to one another. To be nice.

NEVER set out to make someone feel bad about who they are. It’s utterly baffling to me how often I see this online. It doesn’t help anyone. So don’t do it.

So be nice.

Or walk away.

I have been seeing a good deal of CASUAL MEANNESS online lately, and it makes me sad. Let’s not be a part of that. If anything, strive for INTENTIONAL KINDNESS.

Love you, lovelies.

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