The month of cusps and verges and cold edges and magic.

There’s been a sudden cold snap here in Nashville, and I find myself clutching a cup of tea while the chill presses against the window and the leaves beyond begin to turn before my eyes and it makes me think about October.

I have always loved October.

It is a month of verges. Leaves on the verge of changing. Cold on the verge of snapping. Magic on the verge of spilling over.

I love the smell of drying leaves and things retreating and the way the palette changes.

I love the way the night begins to reach back and steal pieces of the day.

I love the way that all these things tug at my bones, and remind, and promise.

October is a month of verges, and it always leaves me feeling on the verge of something, too.

It would be natural to translate that sensation into restlessness, but instead, the feeling of something being just around the corner, it puts me in the mood for searching. I feel like a child in the woods, looking for fairy doors and shades of magic. I spend the month with this pull, this tug, trailing me behind me, darting out of sight when I turn, but filling the space the way things do, even more when they try to hide than when they stand in sight.

October puts me in a searching mood, a ready-to-discover mood.

October is a month of cusps and verges and cold edges.

It feels like a month of endings, the way the world seems to retreat into itself. But as a writer and a dreamer and a whimsy-seeker, October feels more to me like a month of beginnings. Of discovery. Of magic.

I’ve said on many occasions that I like to think there’s magic in the world, and we’re just not looking hard enough, not using the right eyes. If that’s true, October is the month when magic teases us for it, plays at the edges of our vision, wanting to be seen.

So when the cold creeps through your corner of the world, and the leaves being to turn, and those other little signs of the verge sneak in, make yourself a cup of something hot, and put on shoes, and wander out into the woods, or world, and look with the edges of your eyes, and maybe you’ll see it.


5 thoughts on “The month of cusps and verges and cold edges and magic.

  1. Leigh Caroline says:

    Gorgeous! (And so, so true for me as well. I’m convinced this is why Nano happens in November… So October can fill your brain with magic, and November it can spill onto the page)

  2. October reigns in my world too. Thanks for sharing this lovely entry.

  3. This is so beautiful! Just a puts one of these secret smiles on my face…

  4. Norman says:

    This is stunning and a terrific way of seeing what I too think is the most magical time of the year. I live in a suburb of Chicago, so the winds whistle the most in October. It is the best time of the year to think, discover and write.

  5. Alyssa says:

    You know, I honestly feel the same way about October. It has always been my favorite month. A month of change and beauty and to me it has always felt like a serious breath of fresh air. I grew up in Pennsylvania in the glorious and gorgeous country. Now, living in the city, I have a hard time remembering the beauty around us. October doesn’t let me forget. These are the days I long for, they are the kinds of days that heal me from the inside.

    Thanks for making me feel less alone ❤

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