THE ARCHIVED is up on Netgalley!!!!!! You can have it!!! And SWAG!!!


As of today, THE ARCHIVED is up on Netgalley!!!!

And there are a few THINGS you should know.

Hyperion usually has a VERY strict approval policy on digital arcs, which hinders/prevents bloggers from getting to read the book.

BUT because they know I LOVE MY BLOGGERS, they have been awesome enough to brainstorm a solution for me.

Up on Netgalley is a partial galley of THE ARCHIVED.

It’s the first 100 PAGES of the book (and you guys, the the last scene of the sample is one of my FAVORITE scenes in the entire book), and it’s AUTOMATICALLY APPROVED.

Meaning EVERYONE can read it.

And you should. Because I also happen to have just received my first shipment of SWAG.

Mmmmmmm, bookmarks.

And people have been telling me they WANT these bookmarks.

So, for 48 HOURS (it was 24, but Netgalley is being FINICKY), I’m going to give signed bookmarks to EVERYONE who downloads the ARCHIVED sample, and uses it to answer the TWO QUESTIONS in the form below 🙂


14 thoughts on “THE ARCHIVED is up on Netgalley!!!!!! You can have it!!! And SWAG!!!

  1. IIIk, awesome giveaway! Can’t wait to add a bookmark to my ARC 😀 *happy-dance*
    THANK YOU!!!

  2. lovingrob says:

    YAY! So excited 😀 Cannot wait to read it. ❤ And omg. BOOKMARKS 😀 They are gorgeous. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much!! I downloaded today and can’t wait to get started reading! And, the bookmarks are BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Artemis says:

    Amazing sample, thank you!

  5. Daphne says:

    Thank you for the sample and the chance to win these gorgeous bookmarks!

  6. Thanks so much! The bookmarks are gorgeous, and I can’t wait to read the full novel. =)

  7. Leigh Caroline says:

    *Attempts to say anything coherent, squees a bunch more, then, flustered at her own incoherence, gives into the squee*

    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Seriously, pardon the fangirly happy fit, but I couldn’t put it down this morning. As in, my caffeine is still sitting next to me, untouched, because I was absorbed in this gorgeous, awesome book. I now really officially can NOT wait til January. Eleventy gajillion thank yous and one great big “I love this book!”!!!!!

  8. SweetMarie83 says:

    Eeeeep, so exciting!! Going to download it right now…I’m supposed to be working, but instead I will be reading this!

  9. Amethyst says:

    Thank you so much for the sneak peek (loved it!) of The Archived on NetGalley! I can’t wait to read the whole book next year! And thank you for the bookmark offer! ^_^

  10. Lillian says:

    Okay, I had to fight so much with NetGalley to get to this that I almost (ALMOST, I said!) gave up. BUT, no, I persevered and I LOVE this book. The only thing that makes me sadis having to wait until 2013 to read the entire story! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  11. Yayyyy I CAN’T wait to read the full story!! I really love it! ^^ Thanks so much for the bookmarks. I’m in love with the Kenzie’s sory and bookmarks!!! I’m so so happy!!
    Hug & Love.-

  12. I didn’t see a form to fill out? I was really excited when I was sent an email about this one. I’m lucky enough to have auto-approval due to my job, so hopefully they’ll put up a full version to love at a later date! ❤

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