A post with ALL the things listed very quickly because stress is like quicksand and V is sinking.


This is an update on life, and a quick request to bear with me while I get it in order. I am dying under two concurrent deadlines on two different books, and lacking in the sanity department right now, and have a Big Giveaway Post planned for this Sunday (6-month mark for ARCHIVED!!!) so this is going to be short, but I have lots to cover.

1. THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH for all the birthday wishes. You seriously helped to make my 25th magical. It was a very hectic weekend, and so it was hard for me to respond to all the messages/notes/tweets, but I was SO incredibly grateful for the online love.

My parents came up, and we went to Peter and the Starcatchers one night, and Book of Mormon the next, and in between ate ALL THE THINGS, including this nutella french toast, because everyone knows that calories don’t count on your birthday.

2. If I owe you presents/treats/swag, I AM WORKING SUPER HARD TO GET IT TO YOU. But you have to bear with me just a little longer. I am seriously struggling to make my work deadlines, and on top of that have swag to design so I can have it made so I can send it to you, and I am just…stressed. BUT I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN. It’s just that lately my life has been less like this…

and more like…


3. Right after the birthday weekend, I headed out to San Diego for Comic Con!! I braved the Twilight festivities for friends, got recognized three times (!!!) while wandering the floor (and was so surprised at being recognized the first time in the middle of 100k people that I did a full turn, convinced the person was looking at someone else), experienced mashed potato pizza, learned about time travel, saw a man playing with a massive tesla coil, had drinks with Molly Quinn, Kami Garcia, Ransom Riggs, and amazing others, experienced the glorious hotness of both the Vampire Diaries AND True Blood panels, and hung out with some AWESOME agentmates and agent herself, the epic Holly Root (seen in the black heels):

3.1. On Sunday I jumped in on a signing at Comic-Con, which was a blast, and while I was signing books, I noticed out of the corner of my eye and guy in an AN EPIC DAVID TENNANT OUTFIT, so I made someone run over and grab him so we could take pictures 🙂

4. Also, I just have to say that I have the most amazing fans, followers, and friends. Between Comic-Con and the mail when I got back to NYC, I had SO MANY WONDERFUL PRESENTS. Pictured here are wanderlust lace-in wings, a crocheted weeping angel, a letter to Hogwarts, a Super Llama, and an Archived-themed hairpin. *dies from the awesome*

5. In addition to Epic Deadline Stress right now, it looks like I won’t be in NYC much past summer, but that is complicated and I can’t afford to think about it much until AFTER A FEW DEADLINES so we’ll come back to that, but if I seem particularly FULL OF ANGST, that is probably why.

6. I love that so many people responded so positively to the NO RIGHT WAY TO WRITE post. It’s a sentiment that, in my opinion, can’t be repeated often enough.

7. Click HERE for a fabulous writerly tumblr.

8. To everyone spreading ARCHIVED love around the internet, THANK YOU. In the midst of so much stress, the excitement for that book in the form of GR, WoW, Twitter comments, etc, has been SUCH a light and joy.

9. To quote the acknowledgements for THE ARCHIVED, “to the readers, who make every bad day good, and every good day better.


4 thoughts on “A post with ALL the things listed very quickly because stress is like quicksand and V is sinking.

  1. JP says:

    <3<3<3 (Umm, also? That Nutella French Toast looks amazing, and I am jeally.)

  2. Stephanie Allen says:

    SO MANY HUGS. I’m glad you had a good time at Comic-Con, and I hope you survive getting ALL THE THINGS done!

  3. Leigh Caroline says:

    1. Yay! Glad you had an awesome birthday!!
    2. Less flail, more type. 😛
    3. (To both) AWESOME!!
    4. Aw!!
    5. Money reasons or personal reasons? (if you don’t mind, anyway) Never know what magic fans can work. 😉
    6. ❤
    7.I just looked through that whole thing, and love it!!
    8.*anxiously waiting for The Archived* Seriously, I know it's far away, but so, so, so looking forward to it. (Especially given as I got spoiled with ARCS at BEA, and now have like 2 books left on my OMGYAY list to tide me over until January. Oops!)
    9. Awwwwwwwwwww!!!! <3<3<3

  4. Ava says:

    AHHHHHHHH! …I see the Hogwarts letter I made you. Eeeep!

    Okay. Phew. Breathe, Ava. BREATHE. Okay.

    It was SO WONDERFUL meeting you at Comic-Con, Victoria! You’re so sweet and awesome! Also, this post = WIN.

    – Ava

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