In which I explain a bit about my two new book deals!!

First, to recap:

Root Doubles Down for Schwab

Agent Holly Root, of the Waxman Agency, sold, nearly simultaneously, an adult novel as well as a YA one for her client Victoria Schwab. In the YA sale, Abby Ranger at Disney-Hyperion took world English rights to the currently untitled sequel to Schwab’s forthcoming The Archived (which Ranger also acquired); in The Archived a teenage girl tries to uncover the secrets behind a supernatural library. In the second deal, Root sold world English rights to Schwab’s adult debut, Vicious, to Miriam Weinberg at Tor. Vicious, about two best friends whose college experiments to create supernatural abilities wind up turning them against each other, is planned for fall 2013.


FIRST, THE ARCHIVED is going to have a sequel! There are no words for the excitement over here. And relief. You see, THE ARCHIVED was never really meant to be a standalone. The nature of that book’s deal was strange and wondrous, in that the deal came first, and I chose the book to fill it second. The world of THE ARCHIVED is vast and so is Mackenzie Bishop’s story, and I never thought I could fully tell it in one book. And now I won’t have to!

That said, I’m a very, very strong believer that when you have a series, each book should have its own complete arc, so the book hitting shelves in January does, you know, HAVE AN ENDING. But I’m so, so, SO happy that my publishing family over at Disney*Hyperion believes in me and in these books and wants more of them!!

I know that all I’ve really said about the first book is “Buffy + The Shining + If I Stay” or “The Archived is about a library where the dead are shelved like books,” but in the next few weeks I’ll get to reveal both the cover (!!!) and the jacket copy (!!!) for THE ARCHIVED and I am just all excited punctuation marks over here.

SECOND, I wrote an adult book! And I can finally reveal the real title for the long-time code-named project, VAGABOND PUPPIES!!!! It’s called VICIOUS and it’s got super powers and villains and all these awesome things, and I am OVER THE FREAKING MOON that you guys will actually get to read it!!

This was the book that I wrote for ME, when I needed a break from deadlines, something to disappear into. This was a project I didn’t tell ANYONE about–not even my agent!–until it was nearly done. And the more I wrote, the more I fell in love with it, and the more I desperately wanted to be able to share it, and the more afraid I was that I wouldn’t get the chance. It’s a strange little beast of a book, a comic book without pictures, a violent twist on heroes and villains, and I was terrified that no one would love it like I did. So when it went on sub this spring and sold to Tor, I pretty much LOST MY SH*T.

So this means that next year I will have TWO books out, one in winter and one in fall, and then the winter after that I’ll have another! What happens after that remains to be seen 😉

Thank you all so, SO much for all your incredible messages of love and support across the internet. I’m just thrilled to be able to write more books!!


15 thoughts on “In which I explain a bit about my two new book deals!!

  1. Valerie Kemp says:

    Ooh, I forgot about the gorgeous cover for THE ARCHIVED! Yay that you’ll be able to show it soon!

  2. ceciliajbh says:

    Hey, Victoria…way to go and super BIG congratulations and I can hardly wait to read both books!!!!!!!!!

    You are amazing…:>


    (bet you’re relieved to be moving right along & things are falling into place for you!)

  3. I’m already panning the cover reveal post for The Archived; I’m that excited (I never do cover-reveals o.O)!!! *SUPER-MASSIVE HUG*

  4. Rachel Stark says:


  5. Ashelynn Hetland says:

    I am so freaking excited for you and your readers!! I can’t wait to read Vicious; like I’m so excited for The Archived, but VICIOUS SOUNDS SO FREAKING AMAZING! and I love adult lit but hardly ever read it, and then YOU WROTE AN ADULT BOOK? and my poor heart can’t handle it. gah. SO HAPPY AND EXCITED!

    • veschwab says:

      Thank you so, so much, Ashelynn. I really can’t express how happy I am to have the opportunity to write more books. <333

  6. Congratulations, Victoria! So happy for you! The books sound fantastic!


  8. Norman says:

    The thing that has me over the moon about it is, these are exactly the types of books I like to read. As a reader and a writer I cannot express how happy and excited I am for you, but I’ll try.

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