Going through a rough patch…

Hey lovelies, I’m sorry I’ve been so neglectful. Going through a little rough patch right now, so instead of whining and/or being vague and/or posting photos of me with my head down and/or commenting on the relationship between hope and fear and/or polluting the interwebs with my angst, I want to give you this…



Because this post, while it’s not DIRECTLY related to my current bubble of stress, pretty much sums up ALL THE FEELINGS.

Love, until I get back.

“Annan water, you loom so deep and so wide
I would cross over, if you would stem the tide
Build a boat that I might ford the other side…”
~Annan water, The Decemberists ❤


4 thoughts on “Going through a rough patch…

  1. You do not have to tell us ANYTHING, V. Just know that we love you and we are here for you!

  2. For what it’s worth, I so enjoy your blog and truly know that sometimes life just sucks your soul right out through your nostrils.* Bon courage and thanks for sharing that post – it’s a wonderful reminder of when we are “real” authors…exactly never. But as long as we keep writing, it’s all good.

    *sorry, that might have been a bit graphic for your more delicate readers.

  3. Oh V, you are so full of angst that I wish you could let go of sometimes. You’re pretty amazing and a hell of a lotta people think so and don’t forget that we’re all behind you and that kind of faith is POWERFUL, feel it and channel it into your work. You’ve got tons of support and know that you’re on a journey – you can only truly appreciate the good stuff if you’ve been through the bad stuff *huge smushy hugs*

    Now, eat some icecream, get drunk and dance around the room to CALL ME MAYBE like a lunatic. That’s my advice 😉

    • llmuir says:

      This is the circle. You wanted in.
      Sometimes the sucky stretches are longer than they were the last time you were here, but just like the rest of the circle, you’ll look down one day and the rough patch will be gone.
      You know what to do here.
      Stop looking down.
      Get back to work.
      Pull up your document.
      Start typing.
      You can’t get to the good stretch until you do.
      Anything can be fixed.
      It’s still a great concept.
      Those people have nothing to do with you as an artist.
      And if you need to do something drastic, sacrifice a narwhal.

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