Presents, Bribes, and a Glimpse at THE ARCHIVED

It’s the 15th! The 15th of March, which is one month closer to the 15th of May when the paperback of The Near Witch comes out, and that means I can reveal the second of the three paperback secrets.

The first was that I would be signing paperbacks at BEA!

The second is THIS:

You guys, as we finalize the cover and the copy, all I can say is I am SO FREAKING EXCITED to share this book with you. And if you pick up the paperback, you could get a VERY early glimpse.


The Near Witch is in this tournament right now called YA MARCH MADNESS.

As a reward for helping it win yesterday’s round, I’m going to give away a pre-order of the paperback.



I don’t expect victory, BUT for every 50 votes The Near Witch gets this round I will add ANOTHER paperback to the giveaway. So if this turns out to be The Near Witch’s final round, but it gets 150 votes, then this weekend I will host a giveaway with FOUR paperback winners, etc.

So please consider giving The Near Witch your vote!

One thought on “Presents, Bribes, and a Glimpse at THE ARCHIVED

  1. Dana Bartelt says:

    I’ve done my duty and voted!

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