In which an update post devolves into the most random of the random.

Hey guys!!

Sorry about that little blip of BLOG FAIL. Feeling better (well, actually, sick, on a psych/emo level, better).

-One of the reasons I’m having trouble blogging is that I’m in this odd time where I can’t really say much about what I’m working on.

-There are all these terribly exciting things having to do with the paperback of THE NEAR WITCH, but since it doesn’t come out until May, I’m supposed to keep my lips sealed until at least Feb/March. It’s kind of killing me.

-And since THE ARCHIVED is just about 1 year out (I don’t have a release date, but it’s January 2013), I’m not allowed to say ANYTHING about it yet. And that kills me, too. I got to see a draft of catalog copy for TA yesterday, and did this squee-bounce because it was the first email I’d gotten that didn’t revolve around edits, and that induced a moment of OMG ONE DAY THIS STORY WILL BE A BOOK THERE IS A GOD. And that makes me want to TALK about it, but alas. Not yet.

-The project I’ve referred to as VAGABOND PUPPIES should be making its way out to publishers next month, and that SCARES THE BEJEESUS OUT OF ME.

-I’ve been playing around with two new projects, but we’re keeping it casual right now πŸ˜› I’m not in the mood to commit. They’re about as different as can be (one is morbid MG, the other adult), but I’m having fun.

-I read THE FAULT IN OUR STARS and cried in a Starbucks. For, like, TWO HOURS STRAIGHT.

-I learned that AMC theatres in NYC have $6 matinees if you go before noon, and I’ve never been so happy to keep odd work hours.

-The next month or two will have a HUGE impact on my future, and that’s probably a large part of why I look like this all the time right now: (O_O)’ If you see me, and I look like that, hugs and/or cookies help.

-Things I’ve been researching: Mortality rates, the Vatican vault, David Tennant, hand-to-hand combat, Epinephrine-based revival.

-Things I’ve been buying: rusted keys and silver rings.

-Things I’ve been thinking about: covers, blue skies, Haywire, the terrifying nature of hope and the consequent reluctance to feel it, and, as ever, narwhal picture books.

What about you, loveleies? What’s on YOUR minds? Talk to me.


12 thoughts on “In which an update post devolves into the most random of the random.

  1. Kaye says:

    Aww, sorry to hear you’re feeling sick. I’m rather under the weather too. 😦 Okay…I am still chugging through the first draft of my second novel AKA “My Baby” (Historical fantasy YA in a culture I love but know quite little about on a practical scale). So things that are being researched: chopsticks, types of green tea, random movie instrumentals, memento mori photographs circa Victorian era.

    Things I’ve been thinking (read: worrying about…) – publishing and how to get there, BEA and how to get there, pessimism versus optimism and why the former is so much more easy to fall into.

    I just finished book #2 of The Agency and Across the Universe by Beth Revis – the latter of which gave me shivers in a bad way. She’s an amazing writer but…if we ever make it into space, I’d prefer to stay here on Earth.

    Also, I’ve decided my new hobby is baking, and I do live near Brooklyn so if you ever need cookies… πŸ™‚

    • veschwab says:

      Amen to basically ALL the things you’re thinking/worrying about.

      Haha, and yeah, Beth has a way of scaring you out of space travel.

      Baking is an EXCELLENT hobby to have πŸ˜‰

  2. Rani says:

    Every time I read your posts I say a little thank you that I’m not the only one who feels these odd ways, and that someone (i.e. you) is eloquent enough to put it into words.<3

  3. Bouncing and squeeing at the same time sounds dangerous … ly fun.

  4. Aw sending you a cyber hug and cookie!

  5. I still have all these deserts waiting for you, if you remember, and I’m willing to add hugs to the bargain πŸ˜†

    -What I’m thinking about: How to solve my plot problem without talking about it, how to solve my job problem while talking about it >.<
    -What I read (last week): The Fault in Our Stars (been crying, too), Spellcaster by Cara Lynn Shultz, and Looking for Alaska.
    -What I've been buying: more books.
    -best Martini out there: Mochatini^^


  6. Pica says:

    Wish I could send you some cookies, but I don’t think they’d keep very well in the mail. Here’s a virtual hung instead. *hug*

  7. I think new mittens will cheer you. I really do.

  8. If I’d ever actually had to use my Epi, I’d tell you what it was like to get a load of that stuff injected into you. Fortunately, I haven’t. I have read the official side-effects list, though. (It’s mostly a list of ways of it might maim or kill you, each followed by “But if you don’t use it, you’re dead, so . . . .” Very comforting.)

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