The paperback cover of The Near Witch!

I was going to wait to share this until early spring, when I get to share some other exceedingly cool news, but since Amazon went and put it up NOW, we shall spread out the sharing of things, and have the cover now, and the other cool stuff later 😉

So! Here’s the paperback cover!

Don’t you LOVE it?!?!

Okay…so maybe that’s not the REAL paperback, but it is a brilliantly funny cover done by Jeremy and Jeffrey West, along with Travis Pearson.

Here’s the hardcover, for reverence:

And here’s the real paperback cover:

I genuinely LOVE it.

1. They stacked the type,
2. put my name at the top,
3. and made it BIGGER (which is always immensely flattering),
4. AND they took some of the lovely filigree and made it gray so it would pop, which
5. offers a stronger visual frame for the cover, and yeah.

There you have it!

As we get closer to the paperback release — MAY 15, 2012 — I will share TWO pieces of EPICALLY AWESOME NW NEWS.

But for now, I shall let you enjoy these two covers, and wish you a happy holidays :)))

8 thoughts on “The paperback cover of The Near Witch!

  1. Jeffrey West says:

    I like how they softened her face too to make the veil seem more present.

  2. JP says:

    As is the hardcover, it’s absolutely gorgeous. (Your name’s typeface is different, too!) :3

  3. Love, love, love! Also, LOVE,

  4. ceciliajbh says:

    I must admit, Victoria, J. & J. West & T. Pearson are truly scary gents…but with a great sense of humor! I screamed with fright after first viewing their NW cover…then laughed my bum off afterwards…:>

    After getting control of myself, I viewed the original hardcover version of
    NW & compared it to the second revised pbk. version. I REALLY like the revised version so much better! Your name at the top is great, the leafy-life gray design encircling the girl is perfection & the title is so much better in the revised version…it really stands out.

    So…all in all…wonderful job!!!

    I look forward to your “EPICALLY AWESOME NW NEWS” as I’m sure everyone else does, too!

    Here’s hoping everyone has a grand holiday & likewise a terrific new year…assuming the Mayans are wrong…8/

    Cheers to all!!!

  5. Novel Girl says:

    The cover is so beautiful.

    I agree the last one is better in this sense: a Volkswagen is great but a Ferrari is ACE.

  6. […] Schwab, author of the fabulous The Near Witch, posted the new paperback cover for the novel. […]

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