Random Sh*t While Victoria is Editing – Day 7 – The beautiful, the troubling, and the cornified.

No video today, because I have a triple dose of internet fun!


The site – http://librarianheygirl.tumblr.com/


The site – http://mylifeistwilight.com/


“Today, I accidently bit my cheek, it started bleeding, and my throat burned. I felt like a new born. MLIT”

“Today, I made my mom sign a three page contract. On the first page it stated what I wanted. I wanted to go see Breaking Dawn the opening day. The second page said why I wanted it. The third page said what would happen to her if she broke this aggrement. Lets just say, i’m watching the movie. MLIT”

“Today, I was re-reading Twilight, and as I read I realized that in 7th grade I had the same schedule as Bella her first day at Forks High School. 1. English, 2. Social Studies, 3. Math, 4. Elective, 5. Science, 6. Gym. !!!! đŸ™‚ MLIT”

“I’m sitting in class and the teacher begins to talk about washington i immediatly think of twilight. My friend beside me is tall, pale and thin with amber looking eyes! He brushed up against my skin freezing! I look up “i know what you are.” He proceeds to go “say it say it out loud!” Whoa i didnt expect that. MLIT”


The site – http://www.cornify.com/

There are no examples. There are no words. Just go there.

*Both 2 and 3 were shown to me by Housemate Rachel, who clearly seeks to traumatize me with sparkles*


5 thoughts on “Random Sh*t While Victoria is Editing – Day 7 – The beautiful, the troubling, and the cornified.

  1. Katie says:

    oh my gosh. I read through the entire Hey Girl blog last night. It is WONDERFUL.

  2. ChristinaF says:

    #2 is troubling AND depressing, Victoria. So depressing.

  3. Laura says:

    #1 – that is the greatest website ever
    #2 – I. am. HORRIFIED.
    #3 – I. am. SPARKLY!

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