Videos While V is Editing – Day 6 – Wednesday is made for D&D music videos and bribery.

Bringing out the big guns because it’s Wednesday, and Wednesday, like Monday, has an inherent level of suck, one that can only be negated by consuming D&D music videos.

Aside: The Near Witch has been nominated for Teen Choice Book of the Year, and now it needs your help! And by help I mean vote. You can vote for your FIVE top choices, and I would love if NW was one of those.

And what’s a contest/teen choice thingy without a little incentive, especially b/c NW’s chances of being one of the five finalists are slim…so…

IF you vote for NW and mention it in some way (like a tweet with “I voted for THE NEAR WITCH by @veschwab in the 2012 Teen Choice Book Awards”), I will send you a narwhal-stamped bookmark.*

IF NW becomes a finalist, I will tell you what ANGST KITTENS is. I’ve mentioned that it’s a story, and that it’s somehow related to NW, but I will tell you EXACTLY what it is, and who it stars. Oh, and everyone will get cookies. Or at least narwhal-stamped bookmarks. Or a hug. But MOSTLY I will reveal ANGST KITTENS.

So, anyway. NW would LOVE your vote, and so would I. Also, karma. I bet voting would get you, like, 5 karma points. But mostly ANGST KITTENS and hugs and narbooked bookmarks.

You can CLICK HERE to view the nominees and vote.

*You have to tell me. I’m not psychic (well, I am, but I like to use it for other things). An email with a mailing addy would be great, so I know where to send your bookmark. Also, don’t lie! If you lie, you negate the karmic effects. All 5 points.


5 thoughts on “Videos While V is Editing – Day 6 – Wednesday is made for D&D music videos and bribery.

  1. Not sure I qualify for voting in anything with “Teen Choice” in the title. 😀

    Nice video, though.

  2. Jeanni says:

    Yay Near Witch! I tweeted @Carpe_Omnes and I emailed, so super excited! I waited three weeks after requesting it to get NW from my library but it was worth the wait. I really hope you win!

  3. Irinna Mihaila says:

    Hello, Victoria. My name is Irina and I would like to interview you, if you want. It is for my blog and I would be honoured if you’d accept. If you decide, please contact me at

    Take care!

  4. kayla keefer says:

    Hi Victoria I voted 🙂 and posted about it on facebook I hope the Near Witch wins!!!!!!!!!! I would love a book mark thank you kayla

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