Videos While Victoria is Editing – Day 1

For every day I’m in edits, I’m going to post a video. Not of ME, since I’m currently in PJs drinking tea out of a pot, and no one needs to see that, but of awesome/funny/amazing/awe-inspiring things. If I discover more brain space, or think of an important/cool topic, or want to make a random list of random, I’ll put that into the post along with the video, so as not to disrupt the streak.

Because I am not feeling terribly creative this morning–I don’t have enough mental disk space–I’m calling this little series VIDEOS WHILE VICTORIA IS EDITING. Or VWVIE.


Check back every morning at 10AM EST for a new video.

There might have narwhals.

Or drunk baking.

Or honey badgers.

You won’t know until I post..which assumes I know…which I don’t.


4 thoughts on “Videos While Victoria is Editing – Day 1

  1. Natalie says:

    I’m so excited for your new book (even though it’s a year away) (which I try not to think about) that I can barely contain myself from doing spontaneous hokey-pokeys. I’m wishing you all kinds of writing & revising magic! 🙂 Also, I’m all about some drunk baking. Have you seen the cookbook “Booze Cakes”? It’s one of my most favorite gifts to give. And partake in. (Most of my cakes are booze cakes but I’ve upped my culinary prowess to sometimes dumping the booze into the cake.)

  2. Jeffrey West says:

    Ha! I just saw this video last night and I died laughing. This would be the perfect place to pick back up. Almost dystopian now that Facebook has changed the world. *poke* haha

  3. Jillian says:

    Initially I really thought the post title said “Videos While Victoria is EATING,” and the first of a series no less. I wasn’t sure why you were turning the blog into a one-woman reality show about your daily meals, but I was surprisingly on board with it.

    Now the actual (amazing!) video you posted seems even more appropriate, actually. Oh, social networking.

  4. Katie says:

    dun dun dun….HONEY BADGER!

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