Hope, Books, Cupcakes, and Other Random Things


I know I’ve been a bit mopey lately, but today is the first day in weeks where hope outweighs fear, and I have to admit, it’s a wonderful and desperately needed feeling. I waste so much energy worrying about things out of my control, expend years’ worth on fear and dread, and don’t even understand the extent until something works out when I worried it wouldn’t, and the relief is so blanketing…anyway, slowly, slowly, the fears are giving way to hope.

Most of my friends know I’ve been dreading 2012. I don’t have a new book coming out (THE ARCHIVED is slated for Jan 2013, which is ALMOST 2012, in the same way that August 2nd was ALMOST July 33rd) and while I have a few small treats in the works, I’ve just been sick with it. 2010 (the year between my book selling and the year it came out) was HARD. I was so tightly wound, so afraid of losing people’s attention, and it ate at me. I couldn’t bear the thought of repeating that.

And I know I won’t have to. I have an amazingly devoted group of followers, and I plan to do EVERYTHING in my power to make it worth the wait. And while I don’t have any BOOKS coming out, I do have something. That’s all I will say about that for NOW. But I promise, we’ll make it a good year. ā¤

Last 2011 event:

Last night’s event at Books of Wonder was so lovely! And it was my last event of the year! Which is crazy, and scary, and kind of nice, though I have to admit, I thrive on public interaction (not public attention, that’s different). Now it’s back to pJs and tea and deadlines.

I really just wanted to thank everyone who’s come out to any of my stops/signings. You’ve seriously made this the best year of my life thus far. I can’t tell you what it means.

New page:

I added a new tab to the top of the blog: Other Projects. It’s like a key for all my fake titles (but real projects), a reference tool of sorts :p


It’s been awhile since I talked about books! And with bloggers putting up their Xmas lists, I thought I would toss a books I’ve loved, and some ones I’m excited for in the new year.

BORN WICKED by Jessica Spotswood – I just finished this last week, and WOW. It was wonderful. Many of you know I won’t talk about a book unless I feel MAD LOVE for it, so yeah. This is going to be a wonderful series.

Just a FEW of the debuts I can’t wait to get my hands on next year:

-INCARNATE by Jodi Meadows
-FRACTURE by Meghan
-TEMPEST by Julie Cross
-LEVEL TWO by Lenore Appelhans
-FALSE MEMORY by Dan Krokos

What about YOU? Which books are you craving?

The Most Epic Cupcake Ever:

It’s a Near Witch cupcake!!!!

To read the interview with the Spork of Doom that accompanied said cupcake, go HERE.

In conclusion:

You are all amazing. You are seriously like the multi-colored balloons to my house a la the movie, UP.

ETA: I forgot! If you want a signed copy of The Near Witch and were unable to come to one of the events, Books of Wonder in NYC now has a hefty stack of signed books. I heard they make good presents. But then again, I also heard that every time you buy a copy of NW, it rains narwhals and chocolate bars, so my sources might not be accurate…

11 thoughts on “Hope, Books, Cupcakes, and Other Random Things

  1. Suze says:

    So happy you have hope and joy going on. šŸ™‚

  2. Jackie Dolamore says:

    Oh, I think we have some very similar emotions going on right now. (Although I’m at the point of “book that just came out after long gap” instead of looking ahead into the long gap…but I suspect both ends of the gap have some similar feelings.) And I’m trying to make a big flying leap of a move. A lot of “AHH WHAT AM I DOING”. Also some excitement.

    It’ll work out, though. *deep breath*

    • veschwab says:

      Oh my, moving turned out to be so much more stressful than I expected. Soooo much more stressful. And YES, a huge amount of ahhhhh dappled with excitement.

  3. akossket says:

    It will work out. You have devoted fans out there and I’m one of them. šŸ™‚

  4. anneriley says:

    Victoria, I can’t wait to read The Archived, no matter when it comes out! I think as long as you keep blogging, Tweeting, and just generally being awesome (which seems to come naturally to you), you’ll be just fine. šŸ™‚ By the way, on your next book tour, will you come to the southeast?

  5. Kaye says:

    Aww! I tried my best to make it, but I couldn’t. šŸ˜¦ I hope you had lots of fun! Maybe I’ll get to see you some other time.

    Also, being compared to Up balloons = win.

  6. You won’t lose my attention! I’m so excited for your next book. šŸ™‚

  7. Jillian says:

    Love the new tab. And how could you ever lose our attention when — along with being a lovely and entertaining person — you are forever associated in our minds with narwhals and cupcakes and other amazing things?

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