To NaNo or Not, Giveaway Winners, and Tweenalicious Treats

1. It’s the most popular question right now:


Here’s the thing.

I move to New York in, oh, FOUR DAYS. I’m there for a grand total of six days before I head to YALLFest, then I’ve got a few days to return and settle in before a Books of Wonder signing and a housewarming party, then three days before I jump home for Thanksgiving, and then…oh, November’s over.

Here’s the other thing. I just finished drafting my second book for the year, am expecting round two of edits on The Archived any week now, and am feeling at once inspired and overwhelmed by the quantity of shift in my life at this moment, both the potential and the actual.

So to answer the question I’ve been asked rather frequently, no, I will not be doing NaNo.

Or at least, not exactly.

I’ll be using the month of November (dear god, I almost wrote October) to DO WORK. But the nature of that work simply isn’t measurable by wordcount. I have a project to refine and send off to the agent, a few proposals to write, and yes, a bit of drafting for a project whispering in my ear, but it’s all a bit wibbly wobbly :p

My hope, though, is that I can siphon off some of the massive quantities of energy and discipline being exercised by OTHERS during the month of November, and consequently be a productive human being. And to that end, I’ll do my best to keep the blog as angst-free (or at least low-angst) as possible, and provide inspiration and cheer to those of you throwing yourselves into the NaNo pit! So, yeah, stay tuned for pep.

2. Giveaway winners!

Here are the winners (the first part of the emails, to confirm) and the prizes!

Lizzie (claireellegirl) ←critique!

Christine (christine.dunbar) ←Signed NW!

Christie Syphrit (gryvon) ←Candy!

Melanie Leeson (Sweet.Intensity2) ←ARC of ATM!

Frunchezzcuh (hellgirl_fran) ←Hocus Pocus!

And because of the awesome number of entries, I threw in a second signed NW!

Cassandra (irrelevantheart) ←Second Signed NW!

Winners, please email me at vschwab at comcast dot net to claim your prizes ASAP!

3. And now, your moment of random.

I was flipping through an issue of M (aka TWEENALICIOUS) in the grocery store, as you do, and I came across this!!!

There might have been some SQUEEING in aisle 6.

And on that note, I must go pack and repeat these words over and over: I will not panic because panic is unproductive. I will not panic because panic is unproductive. I will not panic…


3 thoughts on “To NaNo or Not, Giveaway Winners, and Tweenalicious Treats

  1. ceciliajbh says:

    That is so cool, Victoria!!! I hope you bought a copy of the magazine to have framed! ‘SQUEEING in aisle 6’ is most definitely allowed…considering!

    Good luck with your book editing…I’m so anxious to read your next novel!

    Also…congratulations to all the winners in Victoria’s contest!!!

    Take care, good luck with the move and everything else you have going on in Nov. I believe a bit of angst & panic is somewhat appropriate in these situations…as long as it does not develop into brain/body paralysis.

    Keep up your strength & good cheer!

  2. I’m doing NaNo again, if I can find the discipline beside my increasingly frustrating job. I really want to write that story in my head 😛

    And now the moment of ‘squeee’: That add is totally cool! I want a copy of that and put it on my wall!!!

    And about that panic of yours: I FIRMLY BELIEVE that you can do it! You will not panic and your next book, and the ones after, will be great!

    Looking forward to the cookie-exchange-feast,

  3. JP says:

    That ad is SPECTACULAR. *sends good energy for your multiple projects* 😀

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