Rainy Days and Listy Posts of Epic Random

It’s a rainy day in the neighborhood, I’m working on two different story-shaped things, and that means it’s time for a listy post of EPIC RANDOM.

Here we go:


Christina Ferko sent me this picture. I’ve often said that I think Anton Yelchin would make a good Cole, but I’d NEVER seen a photo that was such a striking match!!!

2. Rainy days call for music.

This is a GORGEOUS piece of classical I discovered, thanks to Pandora. May it bring you calm. I certainly play it on repeat:

3. There are, at this moment, SEVERAL places online where you can win a copy of The Near Witch:

— Here on my blog! The contest on my last blog post is still running!

4. This weekend I will be at World Fantasy Con in San Diego!

I’ll be paneling Saturday night at 10pm: Pacific 2/3: Metafiction

Taking literature to the next level, metafiction exposes the fictional illusion and openly addresses the devices of fiction. It takes many forms: stories within stories, footnotes that continue the story, characters aware that they are characters, and authors commenting on and even entering their own stories. Going back at least as far at the Canterbury Tales, these devices are particularly popular of late. What do they add to the reading (and writing) experience? Is the trend just self-indulgence?

Panel: Scott Edelman, Victoria Schwab, Steve Rasnic Tem, Rick Wilber (M)

I will ALSO be stalking the Con for Neil Gaiman. Mostly so I can stand in the same room as him and just kind of stare.

5. I move to NYC in like ONE WEEK. EEEEEEEP.

6. I have set an angst kitten record this past week.

Seriously, if stressing/angsting were an Olympic sport, I would be all over that gold. Mostly it’s just the number and import of things presently out of my control. Don’t mind me. Things will eventually settle, question marks will become periods. I hope.


4 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Listy Posts of Epic Random

  1. I LOVE that music. Thanks so much for sharing it!

    Have a wonderful time at WFC (I’m so jealous! but in a good way!) and good luck with the NYC move!

  2. ChristinaF says:

    Glad you like the pic! It’s so yummy. Oh Anton…sigh.

    Eh*hem, anyway, have FUN this weekend!!

  3. Cecilia H. says:

    Beautiful music, Victoria…maybe you need to set it on ‘repeat’ and play away right now to beat the angsters…:>

    Wow…have fun at the World Fantasy Con in CA. I’d be looking for Neil Gaiman, too!!! Your “Metafiction” panel sounds very interesting & you have some awesome panel-mates! Wouldn’t surprise me if the ‘Man’ didn’t appear in the audience!

    Good luck and have fun!

  4. Crys Hodgens says:

    Enjoy all of it, especially the awesomeness that is Neil Gaiman!

    Save travels,


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