I finished VAGABOND PUPPIES! YAY! Okay, but seriously, what *is* VAGABOND PUPPIES?

First, I finished the first draft of VAGABOND PUPPIES!!! <–still a fake title, guys*

And in case you’re thinking:

“Okay, V, you finished, congrats. Surely you can say what it’s about now!”

No, I’m still not telling.**

But I did want to say SOMETHING.

I’ve had a lot of people online lately making this face at me (O_O). I suspect it has to do with the way I portrayed the last six months or so, in terms of writing. See, I drafted THE ARCHIVED this spring, and that was a big undertaking, then dove into a massive round of edits, and not a month after turning in that first soul-killing round I start talking about finishing a draft of VAGABOND PUPPIES and some people are all:


So let me say this:

I started TALKING about VAGABOND PUPPIES online a few months ago, but I’ve been working on this project for a year and a half (and it’s my first attempt at an adult project). I wouldn’t even let myself give the project a fake title until I was more than halfway through the first draft, because it took me more than a year to get the first 100 pages right. I literally wrote, scrapped, rewrote, re-scrapped, etc. for so long that I ended up shelving the project, convinced I would never get it right.

But then I did. Somehow, I found the order and voice. I found the right start.

And then life kind of got in the way (in a good way), and I set the book aside to write the book I was contracted for (and am oh god terrified passionate about, THE ARCHIVED).

And then I turned in THE ARCHIVED, and suddenly I had a month or so to do what I pleased, and I came back to VP.

And then I got edits, and VP got put on hold again.

And then SOMEHOW (I DO NOT KNOW HOW) I finished the first killer round of edits, and found myself with another month or so.

And I said to myself, “V. You NEED to finish this book. Mostly because there is not enough headspace in here any more.”

And I said to myself, “Well. Okay than.”

And so I did.

I can’t tell you how exhausting, exciting, frustrating, and challenging this book has been. It’s short, probably too short for its intended shelf space, and considering how fast I usually write, this project was agonizingly slow. Half of the times I thought I would give up, it was because I was losing patience with myself and my process. This book has been my rubix cube, and for the record:


But I didn’t give up. And now, even though it’s a drafty draft, I HAVE A DRAFT. I have a draft of a story I was beginning to think would never, ever take shape. I love this story. I love these characters. I love that it’s sick and twisted and a little funny. It is so. so. me.

And I don’t know if it will work.

I don’t know if it will sell.

But I do know that I am intensely proud of the fact I wrote it.

I sincerely hope that one day you all can read it.

*Kind of scared to ever share real title because there’s no way it’s that cool.

**Why I will not say anything about the plot of this book. The short answer: I am scared. The long answer: I am superstitious and scared that if I make it public, it will all crumble, or someone will tell me it’s stupid, or wrong, or done, or any number of the things that would, at this moment, so close to this project, wound my soul. I want my little Vagabond Puppies to have a shot first, without my having to declare its nature and intent. It has been such a private thing for so long, it has been MY thing (NO ONE has read it).

EXTRA SIDE NOTE: Since several people have mentioned it, yes, NW’s film rights got optioned to a really awesome director and an awesome producer. No, that does not mean NW will hit theatres soon. But yes, it’s immensely flattering, especially because I try to write in a way that the reader can SEE.


9 thoughts on “I finished VAGABOND PUPPIES! YAY! Okay, but seriously, what *is* VAGABOND PUPPIES?

  1. Kait Nolan says:

    Well, if New York doesn’t want it, the rest of us do, so if they suck, then self pub it. We’ll all buy and pimp it because it is you and you are awesome. That. Is. All.

  2. Congrats on finishing it! We missed you at the author’s party in Nashville!

  3. Deserae McG says:

    Had to comment to say woot! And double woot! Congrats, V, on not only finishing a really tough project, but on getting NW film rights sold! My little sister will be jumping for joy as soon as she checks her e-mail (being in college is tough for the simple fact that I can’t just yell, “We’re one step closer to a NW movie!” and expect it to reach Kia’s ears). I’m excited for THE ARCHIVED. Hopeful for “VAGABOND PUPPIES.” And I’m thrilled to know the NEAR WITCH is being recognized for its genius (finished it, V. LOVED it!). 2011 is ending on happy notes. I can only imagine what 2012 has in store for you!

    With love,

  4. YAY!!!! Good thing we will celebrate this weekend!!

  5. Congrats on finishing it! My fingers are all crossed that it will get it’s shot to be freed on to the book shelves!

  6. I know for a super very good fact that I will LOVE VP when you are ready to release her on the world. But until then, I’m so proud of you for finishing and for struggling through. 🙂 *hugs and glitter and narwhals of love*

  7. Crys Hodgens says:

    No matter what, congrats on what you’ve accomplished. I look forward to your next read.


  8. Sonia says:


    I can’t waaaait to find out what VP is all about and to have it and to read it and then to have it take over my BRAIN like TNW did. Congrats! So, so happy for you (:

    Re: movie: *SQUEAL* Yayayayayayayay!! I’ve always thought it would make such an amazing movie and now hopefully it will be!

    Oh my gosh, can the whole soundtrack be like dedicated to the wind? Win.

  9. JP says:

    CONGRATS! I can’t wait to hear more about it, and it’s so awesome that TNW sold film rights. 😀

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