Day 6 Update!! (1WTNW) V = (O_O)

I’m spending a concerning amount of time making this face —> (O_O)

Oh, and two more swag winners!!!

Jamad and Lane (Moirae the Fates)! Congrats my dears.

IN OTHER NEWS, every time I look at my countdown widget, I have to lie down on the floor for a few minutes. It’s weird, having waited so long, and being so close.

IN OTHER NEWS, if you have any soothing music suggestions, or maybe some loud rock ones, or maybe ANY suggestions to help save Victoria’s sanity (oh look, we’ve gone into 3rd person) PLEASE GIVE THEM TO ME NOW.


13 thoughts on “Day 6 Update!! (1WTNW) V = (O_O)

  1. Sara says:

    I listened to Wilco and The Psychedelic Furs while I was working on a difficult project for web design class and they both were on my playlist and kept me sane and were just enjoyable.

  2. Rina says:

    Victoriavictoriavictoria!! IM LOVING THE NEAR WITCH SO MUCH. :DD

  3. Rina says:

    Also, Hey Juliet by LMNT is an oddly fun song.

  4. Annika says:

    I like Andrew Bird and DeVotchKa for soothing.

  5. Cait says:

    Vaughan William’s “Variationas on a Theme by Thomas Tallis” and “Lark Ascending” work everytime for me πŸ˜‰

  6. Daisy says:

    I always listen to Lifehouse if I need calming down. And Sara Bareilles. You could also try yoga πŸ˜‰ And didn’t your trip to England teach you everything can be fixed with tea? Especially with milk and sugar?
    But most of all: YAY! Nearly release day! I think you’re allowed to freak out πŸ™‚ Maybe chocolate will help πŸ™‚

  7. Meggie says:

    For some reason, Regina Spektor songs, and songs for little kids always calm me down.

    • Deserae McGlothen says:

      Yes! Regina Spektor has an amazing voice! I love “On the Radio” and “Eet.” “The Call” is beautiful, too.

  8. Deserae McGlothen says:

    Okay, ANYTHING Two Door Cinema Club (start with “Something Good Can Work” and “You’re not Stubborn.” Then commence with the random clicking.)

    Then, move toward the Kings of Convenience. I love “Mrs. Cold” and “Boat Behind” but if you need funky, go with “I’d Rather Dance With You.”

    Go ahead and jump into some Jack Johnson (“Never Know” and “Better Together” are my faves. “Banana Pancakes” and “We are Going to be Friends” are for your narwhals.) and then some Alexi Murdoch for the ultimate chill down experience (“Something Beautiful,” and “Song for You” are my faves. “Blue Mind” is cool but you don’t need to think about dying right now).

    Finally, have a dance party with some Arctic Monkeys, the Kooks, and One Night Only who will just have you too busy flailing to remember freaking out.

    I’ll be back.
    ~Deserae McGlothen

  9. xlacrimax says:

    Eric Clapton – Layla ^^ I listen to this song too often -.-

    • If you don’t mind listening to another language there’s a great rock band called Vulgaires Machins. They have a song called Être un comme that’s soothing rock. I don’t speak French so I have no idea what they’re saying. If you need something more soothing and not rock nothing beats Howl’s Moving Castle Main Theme. It’s a lovely piano song that borders on a waltz in some parts.

  10. Lane (moirae the fates) says:

    YAY! Thank you SO exciting!!! Do I send you an e-mail with my info?

    Music suggestions, well……I listen to groups like “Megadeth” and “Metallica” If those loud long haired gentlemen don’t appeal, you can never go wrong with Pink Floyd “Dark side of the moon” or Led Zeppelin or the Beatles.
    OH!!! Enya is also good, she’s an Irish siger and signs quiet music…..and she lives in a castle which just makes her AWESOME!

  11. My suggestion is anything by Brandi Carlile. I find her calming and yet still interesting. (Very excited for your book release!)

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