Day 5 Update!! (1WTNW)

This is going to get confusing here, because Day 5 of the giveaway is 4 days till release…but we shall persist. Sometimes when I go to strength-training classes at the gym, the instructor will count up four and then down four to make eight seem more doable, but I always get terribly turned around, so…onward.

Two more swag winners!!! This morning’s winners are…Brielle (Bookworm) and Kandee Kane (side note: that alias made me giggle)

DON’T FORGET that if you pre-order NW in the next 4 days, I will send you a signed bookmark! All you have to do is email me (vschwab at comcast dot net) with a screencap or a fwd of the receipt.

DON’T FORGET that if you do see NW in the wild (and if you see it after official release, of course) you are karmically obligated to take a picture and send it to me.

DON’T FORGET to be awesome. And to be kind. And to look both ways before you cross a street, especially if you’ve been traveling a lot in England where the cars come from the other direction.

*If I’m sparse today, it might be because I’m editing. Or because crippling anxiety has driven me to rocking in a corner. Or I might be baking.


3 thoughts on “Day 5 Update!! (1WTNW)

  1. Kandee Kande says:

    Oh my gosh. . . I won! Yay! Thank you so much.:D

  2. mizbez says:

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway – truly EPIC! I love the story of Nimbus the narwhal.

  3. Hey girl I am so looking forward to The Near Witch. However I am going to have to wait to buy my copy for a little while. I am having oral surgery Wed. and i have to pay the thing outta pocket so I am broke. But I promise I will be buying it soon cause I want to read it like now. Thanks so much for being awesome and being so wonderful to your followers and readers. Thanks so much for these awesome giveaways. Looking forward to reading the Near Witch when I am able and I will let you know once I do and review it on the blog. Thanks so much again 🙂

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