FRIDAY FLASHBACK *wiggles fingers and makes do-do-do-do noises*

(First, THANK YOU for all the feedback. I have figured out how we’re going to run this last giveaway, and I am EXCITED).

So, with NW ten days away (O_O) I have been doing a lot of THINKING. Mostly about the epic epicness of this online community (you) and how you’ve made the last two years, well, bearable, wonderful, and many other words I’ll use later.

And I thought to myself: Wow, V, we’ve come a long way. Like, literally. Two years is a long way. You could earn an MA in two years. Or, I don’t know, birth an elephant.

BUT THE POINT is that I end up looking back to me two years ago (ah the power of the interwebs).

And that brings us to your dose of FRIDAY FLASHBACK.

This one’s for those who HAVEN’T been with me since the beginning. THIS was the official beginning.

(Context! I made a statement, perhaps in jest, on Twitter––I was new to the beast that is Twitter––that if/when I got a book deal, I would dress up as a cupcake and answer questions. AND I DID).


5 thoughts on “FRIDAY FLASHBACK *wiggles fingers and makes do-do-do-do noises*

  1. Kailia says:

    Nice Victoria!

  2. SpadesHigh says:

    You mother is so wonderful LoL !! Awesome awesome vid…. kinda makes me hungry for a chocolate muffin now =) I only have muffins in the house and I’m too lazy to make any cupcakes -_^ but it’s nice to see someone stick true to their word… will you be wearing it again for Halloween or would it be a one time deal? =D

  3. Denise Z says:

    You are obviously a woman of your word – cupcake 🙂 Dance, write, cake (you may have said bake, but I heard cake and I am stickin to it) LOL a wonderful motto to get you through the day. Thanks for the smiles.

  4. Lydia Sharp says:

    You’re simply delicious, my dear.
    And it’s really awesome that you got to keep your title. So excited, you’re almost there!

  5. Daisy says:

    OMG! I want to dress up as a cupcake! Maybe next carnaval (sort of like Halloween, only it lasts 5 days). I also feel like baking something now…

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