You Tell Me…the final giveaway

Hey guys,

So I’m putting together the 1WTNW giveaway, and I need your advice.

There are SEVEN prizes. And that’s not counting smaller ones like bookplates and buttons.

This giveaway, unlike the others, will last SEVEN DAYS.

There will be SEVEN winners.

But here’s what I need to know.

Would you rather…

A. Have 7 days to enter, and have all 7 prizes announced at the same time on the last day.


B. Have 7 days to enter, and the 7 prizes announced OVER THE COURSE OF the 7 days, so 1 prize announced per day, but you can enter all the way up to the end (see, it’s in your best interest this way to enter early because if you enter toward the end, fewer prizes left).


C. Another structure?


I want to usher NW into the world right, but I am doing these for YOU. So tell me what you’d like 🙂 Feel free to suggest C options.

CLARIFICATION: regardless, it’s ONE entry pool, so it’s not 7 giveaways, with 7 separate entries, one per day. You only need to enter ONCE to be considered for ALL the prizes.


37 thoughts on “You Tell Me…the final giveaway

  1. Sonia says:

    7? See, now you have me all excited!

    I honestly don’t think it matters too much (I’ll love you and your book – I really hope! – anyways) but option B sounds best to me. That way I can have a little more excitement each day and not just anticipation for the winners post.

  2. Dani Johns says:

    I personally like option A.

  3. Julie S. says:

    I like option A.

  4. Hmm. I kind of like the mystery of B, where you’re able to enter them all but you still have that ‘ooh, what’s tomorrow?’ factor. I reckon I just like the possibilities! Narwhal bookmarks? 😉

  5. michelle says:

    I vote option b, that way we get 7 chances to win rather than 1 chance in 7 days

  6. I think I like structure B, mainly because if you go one by one then people can enter each day with they want to, announce the prize for that day and then that way people known what the grand prize is for that day. Unless you think might be too much work. I don’t want you to have too much work, if you are going to be doing a book tour for the book. That’s going to be work in itself I’m sure.

  7. Lisa @ Fic Talk says:

    I like option B.

  8. Taryn P. says:

    I think I like B better because there is that element of surprise each day and something to look forward to in my eager anticipation for August 2nd to get here faster. It would also give more opportunities. Either way you are awesome and it will be great no matter what you decide! =)

  9. Tasnim Sheikh says:

    i like option B

  10. Sandy says:

    I like option B! It’ll be like having a The Near Witch party throughout the whole week.

  11. Flannery says:

    Option B! It’s more fun as entrants because entering early gives us a better chance:) But, like others said, if it is too much work for you then I am glad to have the chance either way.

  12. Gilly says:

    It depends on your goal for the promotion.

    Option A creates an incentive to enter once, regardless of when. (People visit your page twice, once to enter and once to see prize announcement but may not return inbetween).

    Option B creates an incentive enter once, early. (People visit your page twice, once to enter and once to see prize announcement, but may not return in between).

    Another option would be to have one prize pool (i.e., entries roll over), one prize winner per day, and permit entrants to enter once each day. This creates an incentive to enter early and to keep coming back to your page. (People visit your page a maximum of 8 times – once to enter for each of the seven days of the promotion and once to see the prize announcement. Of the options above, this provides the most exposure to you and your content).

  13. sarah Evans says:

    I like option B but A may be less work for you.

  14. JP says:

    I like option A. It’s less work for you, and I just have to wake up early for one announcement.

  15. evening-green says:

    I’m all for B since there are more announcements to look forward to.

  16. SpadesHigh says:

    I vote B =) … But I strongly suggest which ever plan makes it easier for you would be the better choice. We don’t want you stressing out right before NW about to release even if it’s for us ^_^ …. Narwal Power!! Poke Poke lol

  17. Bungle says:

    I like the idea of B because people could enter the ones they want to so if they didn’t want to enter all it would give others a better chance of winning 🙂

  18. StuckInBooks says:

    Put me down for option A

  19. Ambur says:

    Wow! 7 prizes! I’m excited to see what they are.

    I prefer option B. Although, both sound pretty awesome. 😀

  20. Becca Watson says:

    I vote for option B

  21. I agree with Bungle. Option B sounds the best, that way you can just enter the ones you want to, and leave more spots open for those who really want the prizes you’d rather pass on.


  22. Victoria Zumbrum says:

    I like Option A but either one is fine with me.

  23. Annika says:

    I like B because it spreads out the excitement.

  24. Meggie says:

    I like B, but I’m confused…

  25. Denise Z says:

    If I had to choose it would be option B; however, I think Gilly’s comment has lots of merit and the incentive for more repeat views with more opportunities is a wonderful idea. You are a hoot – I am confused and not sure if I made myself clear, but I plan to follow regardless. 🙂

  26. Jessy says:

    I think option A is the best.

  27. Jennifer says:

    I actually prefer option A. I think it’s easier for everybody if they have 7 days to enter and all prizes are announced at the end.

  28. Tim Canny says:

    Option B. Builds excitement. I like Gilly’s idea of adding an extra entry every day you visit so at the end you could potentially have 7 chances instead of just the one.

  29. I think option A would be the best just in case someone’s internet wasn’t working that day or they couldn’t get on or something they still have time to enter. Just my opinion though. Can’t wait The Near Witch is almost here. !!!

  30. Oh, wow! Hmm. Um. I honestly don’t know. I guess I’ll vote for option A (I’m afraid that I’ll forget to enter the first day!), but option B is great too! (I’m a very indecisive person.)

  31. Laura Wood says:

    I like option A because b sounds complicated.

  32. Marjie Pride says:

    I like B too i think, because 7 chances totally beats one chance any day!

  33. I like choice A best. I’d vote for that one 🙂

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