Your Saturday Dose of Random

Hey, lovelies.

Things have been a bit crazy lately, between announcing the southern tour (!!), doing giveaways, surviving birthdays, spending time with my new rowing machine, accepting my current inability to talk about anything serious…etc.

So it’s time for your Saturday dose of random.

-My new rowing machine is now named Rowmeo, thanks to @the_author_ on Twitter.

-I can’t thank you all enough for helping keep my spirits up this birthday.

-I am currently in denial about it being 3.5 weeks until NW releases. In my head, I’m stuck at 2-3 months.

-My pet project, VAGABOND PUPPIES, inches upward and is now at 45k! This book is taking longer than any other WIP I’ve had, but hey, to each book its own.

-I am working on polishing up an APPEARANCES page here on the blog, and on the website, with allll the things.

-I found out NW is going to be in a Seventeen magazine ad, along with 7 fellow D*H summer titles!! I might have squeeeed.

-Every day I stop and stare at some seemingly blank surface and marvel about something, whether its the incredible community, a gorgeous review, or the simple beauty that soon anyone who wants to will be able to pick up my book.

-Every day I spend a couple minutes cursing something, too, whether it’s my own neuroses, or a bad review (they happen) or my inability to accept that most things are out of my control (I REFUSE).

-I made a list of the authors I either get to see/meet this year, and then I fainted, because they are all REAL authors, and I am a kid in a cupcake costume telling bedtime stories.

-I have this habit of promising my parents/friends/agent/editor that I’m “not normally this crazy, I swear.” I’m starting to suspect that maybe I AM.

-I love Publix premium frozen yogurt because it tastes like ice cream (I can’t have ice cream).

-I have an average of 3.2 publishing nightmares–either a last-minute cover change, or my book being pulled, or everyone forgetting about my party–a week.

-Bejeweled is evil.

-This is my currently-reading and/or MUST READ FIVE MINUTES AGO pile:


One thought on “Your Saturday Dose of Random

  1. JP says:

    LOL. Not that I play Bejewled myself, but I know it steals Scott Tracey’s time, too. Also, you’re a twenty-something-year-old in a cupcake costume telling novel-length stories. I usually don’t read at bedtime. AND also, do you want me to get the ARC of Forever (I’m hoping that html works and italicizes the title) I’m giving you signed in August before I ship it? AND ALSO, TOO– You know that Skeleton Novel thing? Turns out, it will not be skeleton. (Are you tired of reading yet?) P.S. I get to buy NW on its release date at the indie bookstore in Atlanta I always go to. \o/

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