So, um, it’s my birthday…

…and if you follow me online, you probably know that birthdays and I have a bit of a spotty record.

But I thought about what I wanted to do/say here, and it’s a little selfish, but hey, that’s what a birthday is for, right? I hope you’ll stick with me.

Today, I really just want to share things that make me smile.

Here we go:

1. This picture, taken by Alex Bracken in January 2009, when my first book was going on submission for a second time, and I was feeling low. A couple weeks later, I would start writing THE NEAR WITCH:

2. This review that just came in from Melissa at I Swim for Oceans (excerpt below):

“Every so often, there is an author and a book that blows your mind with the elegance and grace in which a story is told. The Near Witch is that book. Perhaps it’s not an entirely unheard of idea, and perhaps you might be tired of the same-old, same-old, but Victoria Schwab has proven with The Near Witch that even a familiar story can become something new and improved. With a stunning, lyrical and almost poetic voice, The Near Witch gives a flawless, picture-perfect images of a town lost in the clutches of an unknown force, while ultimately teaching us reader about love, truth and the true nature of fear…

…All in all, I was completely blown away by The Near Witch. I expected a good read, but this was far better than I’d anticipated, and Victoria Schwab has easily edged into my top ten favourite authors. I give it a 5 out of 5 (6, if I could), and I would highly recommend it to both fans of YA and adult books, especially those who enjoy paranormal, fantasy and contemporary fiction because there are elements of each.”

3. This video of Simon the Cat:

4. The four or five comparisons to Neil Gaiman, and the person who told me I should team up with Laini Taylor (who–ack, who or whom, who or whom!?–incidentally, I want to be when I grow up).

5. This song:

6. The dozens and dozens of people on sites and blogs, facebook and twitter etc who have expressed excitement for my book. You guys, I just don’t think there’s a way to explain how that feels. Your excitement is some days my icing, and some days my cake, and thank you thank you thank you.

7. This Threadless shirt:

8. Shel Silverstein’s Invitation:

9. This Laini Taylor quote:

I write because, as wonderful as life is—and it is truly wonderful—it isn’t enough. It does not, for example, contain dragons. I find this unsatisfactory. So I read. And I write.


And that’s all I have. If you have things that make you smile, feel free to leave them in the comments, and I hope you all have a day of whim and wonder, and at least a little magic.


16 thoughts on “So, um, it’s my birthday…

  1. evening-green says:

    happy birthday and thanks for sharing the smiles

  2. Lori M. Lee says:

    Happy Birthday! I can see that it’ll be a great one 😀 And I am one of those who can’t wait for your book!

    *puts the pink cupcakes on a tray and pushed them over*

  4. JP says:

    <<(-.-) (-.-)>> <> <<(-.-) "N-E-A-R W-I-T-C-H! NEEARRRRRR WITCH!"


  5. Annika says:

    We are practically birthday twins!

  6. Lisa says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *hip hip hooray* I’ve got my fingers crossed that nothing happens this birthday 😉 I hope you’re planning on sharing your birthday cookies!

  7. Kristina says:

    Yay for July Birthdays! I’ve been avoiding mine 🙂
    Hope you have a Happy One !

  8. Victoria Zumbrum says:

    Happy birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day. I can’t wait to read your book. I dont tweet though.

  9. Danya says:

    Happy birthday!! Love those Simon the Cat videos you post 😀 Eat LOTS of chocolate today!

  10. Daisy says:

    Happy birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with smiles and chocolate and cake 🙂 You know what would make me smile: staring at the cover of the Near Witch cause it’s just so gorgeous! Oh, and going out with the awesome new purse I got yesterday (big enough to fit 2 books if needed).
    Less than 4 four weeks till the release date!! Yay! Again: happy birthday!

  11. Small Review says:

    Happy birthday! I agree with Laini, there should be dragons 🙂

  12. SpadesHigh says:

    Awww so cute #TheThreadlessShirt…. Happy Birthday Victoria!! I hope you get everything you wish for because you def. earned it with all the work youve put into your novel + waiting =) May many more come your way!!

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! =) I’m super excited for The Near Witch and it will soon be August 2!!! YAY!! *jumps up and down embarrassingly* Hope you are have a great day!


  15. Mia (@SuperSpecs) says:

    Happy Birthday!

  16. Martín Gómez says:

    Happy Belated Birthday!, Today is mine! I´ve been reading your blog for months now but never commented before because I´m dumb like that. Anyway, I´m so excited for The Near Witch! You are awesome and I wish you all the success in the world.

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