Magic and Whimsy and Wonder (and cake pops)!

Because of the holiday, I won’t be having a giveaway this week (we’re at 4WTNW!). Instead, the prizes will be incorporated into the BIG finale. With people traveling, and hopefully spending their holidays away by a pool/beach/bbq/pile of fireworks and away from the computer, I thought this would be best.

But I DO have something to share.

Your invite.

What: THE NEAR WITCH Launch Party
When: August 13th, 5–7pm
Where: Gallery One, Nashville, 5133 Harding Pike

There will be cake pops, narwhals, books, prizes, diet coke, a little whimsy, a little wonder. I hope you’ll join me!

Some people will be receiving paper invites as well (it’s pretty random, actually, and if you want one, just let me know), but if you’re reading this, YOU are invited.


If you find a way to come, it will make my life brighter. And I need people to come because I just ordered the cake pops. A LOT of cake pops. Someone has to eat them…oh, and, you know, buy books.

AND, on Tuesday, I’ll get to share some VERY exciting information about something that rhymes with…um…fouring? Bouring? Couring? Louring? Anyway, stay tuned :p

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