Notes and Things You Should Know

1. You’re all wonderful.

2. You make me smile. As people receive their bookmarks and talk about where they’re going to leave them–bookstores, libraries, coffee shops, events, etc–I’m sorely tempted to make a street team with the express purpose of giving them swag love to spread.

3. SEVEN WEEKS TILL NW kicks off Monday. Seven weeks, seven giveaways. Here’s a sneak preview of SOME of the treats.

And as a hint, a list of the weekly themes:

7. The Crit Partner
6. The Blurbers
5. The Beautiful and Haunting
4. The Creature Comforts
3. The YA Rebels
2. The Most Anticipated ARCs
1. The Ultimate NW Package

Entering the giveaways will be OH SO SIMPLE.

9AM Monday to 9AM Tuesday. Every week. What a way to make Mondays inherently more awesome 🙂

1 point for entering, 1 point for tweeting, 1 point for pre-ordering. There you go.



3 thoughts on “Notes and Things You Should Know

  1. I see a narwhal!!! This is so exciting–and clearly, giveaways are the only way I will survive seven more weeks of waiting without actually exploding from the excitement.

  2. Well. This looks like fun!
    *sees TNW* 😀
    *sees SHATTER ME* :DD
    *sees narwhal*


  3. nlmars says:

    Man, this is so awesome. Those books are giving me tingles of happy. And that narwhal just completes the picture. 🙂

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