Nigel the Narwhal and Words That Make Me Die (of Joy)

First off! THANK YOU for all your naming help!

I got it down to Nargyle, Rupert, Carlton, Shamunicorn (that came from Julie Kagawa on Twitter, and I’ll be using it for a different narwhal), and Nigel.

In the end, my little plush argyle water thing became NIGEL. So Chloe, you win cookies!

Second! I’m working on my EVENTS/APPEARANCES post, but that should be showing up here on the blog SOON. I have the opportunity to be part of a few AMAZING things, and can’t wait to tell you about those 🙂

Lastly, people have been saying some truly mind-blowing things about THE NEAR WITCH lately, things that make me want to lie down on the floor and focus on freezing these moments with my mind (I don’t have that power…yet). Here are a few of my favorite snippets.

“As soon as I finished the book, I kept recommending it to people by comparing it to something that would be written by Neil Gaiman. I 100% stand by that. This book belongs on the shelves next to writers just Gaiman or Diana Wynne Jones. High praise that is totally deserved!”
––Allison at The Allure of Books

“Beautifully written, masterful storytelling, and poetic prose almost too beautiful not to be a song–this novel soars! Part fairy tale, part ghost story, part fantasy, part romance, part a tale of witches, The Near Witch is a pleasurable jaunt. Debut author Victoria Schwab weaves this tale magically and shows her writing chops.”
––Pamela at What We’re Reading

“Schwab has evoked a story that will have readers reading into the night, hungry to solve the mystery of the witch of Near. The Near Witch is a story that seems to unfold as organically as the wilderness it is set in. It is destined to become a classic.”
––Courtney at Stiletto Storytime

“There are books I like that most people hate. There are books everyone loved, which never appealed to me. And then there is That Book. The one that manages to draw you in from the very first line, and keep you captive. The one that takes simple words and weaves them into a seamless tapestry of colour and feeling. The Near Witch is That Book.”
––Vinaya at The Book Lantern


4 thoughts on “Nigel the Narwhal and Words That Make Me Die (of Joy)

  1. John says:

    Forget Victoria, you’re “Schwab” now 😀 Good luck with those amazing things. Looking forward to hearing about them!

  2. Taryn says:

    Hi Victoria!

    Congrats on everything, I cannot wait for The Near Witch! =) I was wondering if The Near Witch was going to be coming out in a kindle edition? Because if it is I will get to read it that much sooner after it comes out because I will be on a trip then and I want to be able to read it as soon as possible.

    Also I am so excited about The Archived! Keep writing, you are an inspiration for those of us who want to do it too! =)

    • veschwab says:


      YES. NW is supposed to be released as an e-book too, but I don’t think it will go up in that form until day of release!

      And thank you so, so much. Seriously.

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