Everybody won!! Some people won a little extra.

So, I made a note on Twitter yesterday that if the giveaway hit 150 entries, everyone would get TWO signed bookmarks instead of one–the hope being that you’d leave the second in a random place for someone else to find.

Well, congratulations!

Between the entries here, and those over on the youtube page itself, you guys broke 150!!

In addition to everybody winning bookmarks, SEVEN people, chosen randomly (I had my family and friends throw out #s) won D*H playing cards!

Playing Card People:

Leigh Menninger
Cecilia/The Epic Rat
Lisa at FicTalk
Alouy Martinez
Rain Misoa
Erin H.
Raychelle Smith

And I’m giving an 8th pack to Caitlin Blakeley for having a chat with fate for me.

And the 20 Button Winners (first entries):
1. Zareen
2. Lovingrob
3. Victoria Zumbrum
4. Iffath
5. Travis
6. Momo
7. Brendan Gannon
8. Emily aka Willowraven
9. The DirtyBrit
10. Anita Metodieva
11. Tiffany Schmidt
12. Leigh
13. Bella
14. Grace Radford
15. Laura Wood
16. Ruth
17. Laura Fey
18. carouselwincharms
19. JEn
20. Caroline


DO NOT FORGET to email me your mailing address. You cannot have bookmarks if I have no place to send them ;p

A NOTE ON THE BUTTONS: If you are one of the 20 button winners and you have already received a button from me through a previous giveaway, you can email me and tell me WHICH button so you don’t end up with two of the same (there are 3 designs).

THANK YOU for making this oh so much fun, and for all your continued excitement, support, and cheerleading. I cannot wait to continue this journey with you all.


7 thoughts on “Everybody won!! Some people won a little extra.

  1. Eep! Thank you, Victoria!

    Do I need to re-send you my shipping address?
    I think I may have put it in the email I sent to you already.


  2. Leigh says:

    Playing cards too?? The awesome, it burns!! 😀 (And THANK YOU!)

  3. Daisy says:

    Yay for two bookmarks! 🙂 I think I’ll give the second one to either my boyfriend’s sister or my best friend… They both take book recommendations from me and have birthdays coming up after the Near Witch is released.

  4. I am so excited! (Do you think D-H would mind if I had my car painted with the cover art from The Near Witch? Not that I was considering that or anything…)

  5. Laura Fey says:

    I think I will give the second book mark to a random girl/boy hanging out in the YA section in our local library 🙂
    That’s so awesome. I mean, man, I love thingies where everybody wins! I’m gonna go and be happy now 🙂

  6. Ingrid M. says:

    Yay! Thanks, the bookmarks are lovely. I’m not sure yet if I’ll put the second one in a place or if I’ll give it to a friend…

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