Today is MAY 2ND. That means that there are 3 MONTHS until THE NEAR WITCH hits shelves!!

That means a GIVEAWAY.

And not just any giveaway. This month we have a FEAST of treats for you. I’m not even using “we” in the royal sense because 6 amazing bloggers got together and filmed a RAP SONG for my book (yes, you read that right). You need to watch it because it’s hilarious and epic and awesome.




Each of the bloggers involved is hosting their OWN giveaways with some of my favorite things (how freaking cool???).


Disney*Hyperion has given each of them SIGNED, FIRST-EDITION FINISHED COPIES OF THE NEAR WITCH to add to their giveaways.

Amazing, right?

But what about ME?

Surely, lovelies, *I* have a giveaway, too. And so I give you…


There will EITHER be ONE winner who gets ALL FIVE prizes, or FIVE winners who EACH get a prize (I will randomly pair) depending on the number of entries…

1. THE NEAR WITCH playlist + $15 itunes giftcard

2. A unicorn parts button (I promised there would be a unicorn)!**

3. A signed, numbered set of THE NEAR WITCH buttons.

4. A character NAMING in a future book.

5. AND A ONE-OF-A-KIND, STUFFED NARWHAL. Oh god, it’s so cute.**


1. Tweet about the giveaway, and use the hashtag #NWsong

2. Leave a comment below!


1. Do what you can to spread the word (blog/tweet/fb/etc). Feel free to tell me about it. Maybe there will be MORE buttons for good sportsmanship.

2. Tell the six bloggers how AWESOME they are.

And after you leave a comment below, be sure to head over to the other giveaways!! Who’s giving away The Princess Bride? Hourglass? The HP soundtrack? Honey Nut Cheerios? Tea? Cookies???


Gail over at Ticket to Anywhere
Erica over at The Book Cellar X
Nikki over at Wicked Awesome Books
Danielle over at Frenzy of Noise
Danielle over at Overflowing Shelf
Jen over at The Secret Life of a Bibliophile

The giveaways are all US only except for this one. Mine is international, and will run from now until MAY 7TH, 9PM CST.

**I feel obligated to inform you that there are no unicorns, adorable or otherwise, in my books. Nor are there narwhals. Nor are there cute animals (as much as I like all these things). Scott Tracey said, and I quote, “THE NEAR WITCH is kind of like if Maleficent ran a baby animal farm.” So, yeah. BUT the theme of this giveaway is my favorite things, and boy do I love a good stuffed narwhal. The argyle-stitched brother to this pink fluffy mass will be at my launch party, and my signings. In case you were on the fence about coming. I bet I just tipped you.


  1. What an amazing giveaway! And what an adorable narwhal!

  2. dothutchison says:

    Oh, this is too awesome. So excited for this book to come out.


  3. nlmars says:

    Yay, awesome giveaway!
    I tweeted about it: https://twitter.com/#!/nlmars/status/65049370235641857

    I want that damn narwhal. It’s so cute! >:3

  4. Jillian Van Leer says:

    So adorable!! What a fantastic giveaway for a FABULOUS book!!! http://twitter.com/#!/jvanleer

  5. Danya says:

    That narwhal is amazingly cute. Congrats on reaching the 3-month mark! I tweeted here: http://twitter.com/Word_Tapestry/status/65056993764843520

  6. Pam Harris says:

    Yay! Thanks for the giveaway. Such a cute video, too. 🙂

  7. Iffath says:

    That was FRAWESOME. YAY for The Near Witch being released in the months!


    Thanks for the giveaway Victoria!!! ❤

  8. Kait Nolan says:


  9. Becky B. says:

    Awesome giveaway, can’t wait for the book to be released. Tweeted about it too. 🙂 (@GeckyBoz)

  10. Kristine says:

    Yayyyy, great giveaway! I must say, that narwhal is….. SQUEEEEE.

    I tweeted about it here: https://twitter.com/#!/kstineee/status/65072979943501824

    😀 Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Petra says:

    Great giveaway! Looking forward to reading The Near Witch. Congratulations on your upcoming release 🙂

  12. Lisa says:

    Ooh, I want a button! I LOVE BUTTONS!

    Great giveaway!


  13. leanne-luce says:

    Seriously amazing contest!!
    Tweeted, blogged & FB’d the hell out of it 😀


  14. I don’t know what I want more, The Near Witch or the stuffed narwhal!

  15. Aydrea says:

    Omg that narwhal is adorable! Such a great contest, the rap was awesome!

    Tweeted it – http://twitter.com/#!/arick01/status/65083581726339072

    Posted on Goodreads – http://www.goodreads.com/user_status/show/6053317

  16. Rachel says:

    SO EPIC! I shall be Tweeting it forthwith =)

  17. Lauren M says:

    Teehee! That song/rap was EPIC! Loved it!
    (Also, that narwhal…sooo adorable!)

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway, and wooo, only 3 more months!! 😀

  18. Vinaya says:

    I tweeted it TWICE! One for me: http://twitter.com/#!/vinayanatarajan/status/65079842214916096

    And one for the Book Lantern: http://twitter.com/#!/thebooklantern/status/65085117105836032

    I hope you know I totally deserve to win because –

    a) I wrote the best review eva for TNW 😉
    b) This is the first giveaway I have ever entered
    c) I live in a far away country where giveaways do not normally reach

  19. Krista Brown says:

    I love this ❤ thank you for this awesome give away

  20. I’m squeeing right now. Seriously. See? SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BABY NARWHAL!!! Must have the cuteness!!! The unicorn button and the NW buttons are pretty snazzy too, as is the character naming 😉 BUT OMG THE BABY NARWHAL!!!

    *hugs* Awsome contest, V!

  21. […] Victoria Schwab and her upcoming book, THE NEAR WITCH, are the center of a a near EPIC giveaway campaign. The author is offering, among other prizes, a character naming in a future book.  And a unicorn… or parts thereof.  To find out about Victoria’s giveaway, click here. […]

  22. Vivien says:

    😦 I don’t have a twitter, is there any way I could spread the word some other way to be entered? Just curious 🙂

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

    • veschwab says:

      Vivien, no worries. Do you have a blog? A Goodreads? A FB? If you can post something somewhere–anywhere–you’re good.

  23. Chloe says:

    FABULOUS contest. The narwhal!! I need it ❤ And character naming would pretty much be a dream come true 🙂

  24. Ivonne says:

    I tweeted about it 🙂

  25. Rachel says:

    By the way, you, your publicist, and your fans are all brilliant. I kind of can’t wait for the 2-month and 1-month marks.

  26. Taryn says:

    I tweeted and blogged about it!! =) Amazing Giveaway!! Thank you for being so awesome!!




  27. Erica says:

    I would so love to be entered 🙂 🙂 I LOVE the Narwhal!

    I tweeted here: http://twitter.com/#!/thebookcellarx/status/65160384604160000

    🙂 Erica

  28. I tweeted and went to most of the blogs listed above!
    Loved the rap. It was super hilarious and all kinds of awesome.

    Great giveaway!

  29. Brielle says:

    MUST. HAVE. NORWHAL. I like the unicorn button, too. BUT THE NORWHAL. 🙂

  30. Thanks so much! This TNW related swag (or non-related… whatever, I love my unicorns and narwhals <3) is fabulous. Fingers crossed!

    Tweeted here: http://twitter.com/#!/thestoryqueen/status/65160979448725504

    Thanks again!

  31. Zareen says:

    The narwhal is SO CUTE! I got a good laugh out of that rap, too. All kinds of fun going on around here. 🙂

    Tweeted: http://twitter.com/ShiningStar786/statuses/65180409234866177

    Thanks for the awesome contest!

  32. Patricia says:

    This completely made my Monday a good day. (And THAT is unbelievably hard to do… cause Monday is… well Monday).

    You inspire the most, best fun in people V! And your “Book Pimps” rock! 🙂

  33. Andy says:

    And now, the rap is now stuck in my head!

  34. Hannah says:

    The Narwhal is too cute! Awesome giveaway as well. Thank you so much!

  35. Raychelle says:

    Awe! =) what a cute little narwhal! Great give away! Thanks for the opportunity! Their rap song is stuck in my head. Hahaha. I tweeted about this giveaway. (@Raychellej)

  36. Lisa Potts says:

    The rap was awesome! I’ve already visited your superfans’ sites to let them know how cute they are.

    Now, I’m off to tweet and spread the word!

    Thanks for the chance to win such great prizes and I can’t wait for the book!

  37. April X says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! The narwhal is soooo cute haha XD and that’s a pretty awesomesauce rap 🙂

    I tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/ramen_addict/status/65244186919702528

  38. Jena Freeth says:

    What an AMAZING giveaway! I can’t wait to read your book!!!! Thank you so so so much 😀

    And.. a naming in a book!? THATS EPIC!

  39. BrookeG! says:

    Tweeted twice!! OMG! that Narwhal is the cutest thing i have EVER SEEN! *prints off picture* *snuggles with picture of narwhal* *says to narwhal- you are just the most precious thing…yes you are…YES YOU ARE!* *pinches cheeks* Oh My Gosh. i wants!!! there is only one?!? in the WHOLE world??! *sadface* It needs to come live with me & my life size cut out of Michael Jackson! We would all moonwalk together & be smooth criminals for life! ❤

    SCREW YOUR BOOK! HAND OVER THE NARWHAL! (just kidding i want YOUR BOOK TOOO! bads!)

    THANKS for the chance to win!!


  40. donnas says:

    I want the Narwhal… so cute.

    tweet – http://twitter.com/#!/DonnaS1/status/65290336871784448

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  41. SO awesome. Best of luck to everyone!

  42. tweet. tweet.

    @veschwab is rocking a Near Witch giveaway. Don’t know what a near witch is? Don’t have a narwhal? Check.It.Out. http://tinyurl.com/62y5mtp

  43. Ah, sorry for being so late, I was dead after work yesterday… 😦

    But YAY for the giveaway 🙂 *happydance*
    Here’s the tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/NickeyBaby

    Nickey @ The Book Shop Assistant

  44. JP says:

    Awesome contest. I WANT THE STUFFED NARWHAL SO BADLY. Or the future character naming, that would be cool, too. OR ANY OF THESE. I CAN’T decide. I tweeted! http://twitter.com/#!/jpmsull/statuses/65547181695836160

  45. I tweeted! Thanks for the giveaway, and I think that rap is going to be stuck in my head… but it’s AWESOME, so I don’t mind. 😉

  46. Maia says:

    Ahh, this sounds like fun! Here’s my tweet (sorry I can’t figure out how to link directly to it…): http://twitter.com/#!/SnowCrystalGirl

  47. Loony says:

    Awesome contest!

    You are AWESOME! 😉

    Tweeted here, bloggers:

  48. […] Victoria Schwab and her upcoming book, THE NEAR WITCH, are the center of a a near EPIC giveaway campaign. The author is offering, among other prizes, a character naming in a future book.  And a unicorn… or parts thereof.  To find out about Victoria’s giveaway, click here. […]

  49. Katie says:

    Great giveaway! I absolutely love the narwhal, as well as this cool rap! Tweeted about it as well. Good luck to all participants 🙂

  50. Claire says:

    This is amazing. YOU are amazing. And since this giveaway opened on my birthday, I’m pretty sure me and that fat fuzzy narwhal are meant to be. DO YOU HEAR THAT UNIVERSE.

    P.S. I tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/clairelegrand/status/65807773283254272

    P.P.S. This? “THE NEAR WITCH is kind of like if Maleficent ran a baby animal farm.” DEAR GOD. ❤

    ETC. I'm pretty sure THE NEAR WITCH will rock my life.

  51. Sarah says:

    I can’t wait for this book to come out! I’m still searching for an ARC of this book to review…
    Here’s the link: (I don’t know how to link directly to it.)

  52. Krystal Larson says:

    *gasp* ?Narwhal! I tweeted and I love this giveaway 🙂

  53. Riv Re says:

    I don’t have a Twitter, so I guess that leaves me out, but I had to comment:
    I’m better now. But:

  54. Melissa says:

    I tweeted I was going to facebook it but seeing as it’s illegal now sigh. Anyway as it didn’t fit into one message I’m putting it in two here: http://twitter.com/#!/MelissaDempsey1/status/68781594982367232
    and here:


  55. …..Theres this little book called The Near Witch that comes out on August 2nd exactly 3 months from today..Theres this group of bloggers who are insane for said book and its author Victoria Schwab..This group of bloggers – consisting of two Danielles a Gail a Nikki an Erica a fabulous director named Jen and non-blogger but all-around awesome person named Ariane – came together to create a little rap about the book. Is there a particular area that inspired the setting for The Near Witch?.Yes Near was inspired by the north England moors. They look like this .Obviously Near isnt set there specifically and there are some tweaks to the landscape but those moors most definitely gave birth to the ones in my mind.

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