Auburn Writers Conference, Posts on Fear, and Simon’s Cat

Three things, lovelies.

1. My first official (as in announced, not as in chronologically first) authorly appearance!

One day soon I will be putting a tab/page around here that says APPEARANCES, and the fact I get to do that is pretty cool.

But at the moment, most of my signings/stops are still being finalized, or they are super sekrit soon to be announced *Shifty Eyes*

But there is one I can tell you about!!

I will be a featured author at the AWESOME Auburn Writers Conference on October 7-8th!! I’m teaching two different workshops. Here they are:

A look at fairy tale staples–the Witch, the Hunter, the Wolf, the woods, the door– and how they can be translated to appeal to a modern YA audience. This workshop will explore both taking modern paranormal elements to a timeless place, and bringing fairy tale feel to a modern setting. Topics will include archetypes, intuitive world building, and oral tradition.*

This workshop will focus on what comes after you finish the draft (and polish, polish, polish): the query. We will discuss the do’s and don’ts, as well as ways to balance information and intrigue and leave your reader–be it agent or publisher–wanting more.

* * *

2. Posts on Fear. Or rather, this post by Veronica Roth. The reason is simple. Do you remember on my blog the other day, I spoke about the pressure of writing a book under contract? I mentioned having ALL the eyes on you, and how it changes the process. Well, Veronica, as usual, articulated more thoroughly**. This is one of those posts that basically stole the thoughts/feelings from my soul and formed it into something readable.

* * *

3. New Simon’s Cat!!

Because who doesn’t like to end a post with a little Simon’s Cat?

* * *

Happy weekend, lovelies. Hope you have plans to relax, eat copious amounts of egg-shaped chocolate, go to movies, read books, or take over the world.

*I am so excited. And this particular workshop is basically the seed for the college course I dream of teaching one day.

**A lot of authors online write amazing, incredible, insightful, informative posts. I let them do that. That’s what links are for. The vast majority of my posts are more personal, more spur-of-the-moment, and consequently, more informal.


One thought on “Auburn Writers Conference, Posts on Fear, and Simon’s Cat

  1. Lauren M says:

    *pokes* You should come to CALIFORNIA. =)
    That post on fear…was really beautiful. Thanks for linking!

    And yay, Simon’s Cat! I love those videos. The new one is adorable as always!

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