Falling Off Mountains and Buying Books

1. First, HUUUUUUGE thank you lovelies for all the cheering about THE ARCHIVED.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be doing this book. It’s a project that’s lived in my head that last couple years, and I’m giddy that I get to share it with you!!!

And holy wow. 150 people have already added THE ARCHIVED on GR?? You guys are crazy and wonderful and make me smile.


2. I’m home from Scotland, and while I’m happy to be back in the Liverpool house (mostly because I have SO much work to do in the next month) I had SUCH a great time up north.

After the night in the Scotsman Hotel (pictured in my total spazz-out vlog) I switched to a simpler setup, got to hang out with Cat Clarke and her friend Mike Bedo, wandered the cobbled streets, the hearth-like graves, the closes and monuments and pubs and coffee houses, and climbed a small mountain in a wind storm.

The view from the top…or as close to the top as I dared get with the scary gusting wind:


3. I’ve been on a book-buying ban since I got to England, mostly because books are HEAVY and my Kindle is full and I shouldn’t NEED any more books. But oh, lovelies. Nearly every day I’ve wandered through a bookstore, PINING, caressing the covers, picking books up and carrying them around for a bit, making lists.

AND THEN. In Edinburgh, I broke my fast. And I broke it hard. Not in Waterstone’s, not in Blackwell’s, not because of any special deal. I broke my fast in a small indie bookstore, by buying THIS:

It’s a 1200-page reference book. It was a whim purchase, and I couldn’t help myself. I was bound to break. THIS IS WHY WE SHOULDN’T DENY OURSELVES THINGS. When we fall we fall HARD.


4. Yesterday was the 2ND of the month!! Which means, yet another month closer to the release of THE NEAR WITCH! And it was very cool to see it show up in approximately 123465 (actually more like 15) IMM posts today, thanks to the awesome NetGalley and D*H. AND the ever-wonderful Patricia took THE NEAR WITCH’s summary and made a Wordle! I find it quite lovely:


5. What now?

Now that I’m back in Liverpool, it’s time to GET. TO. WORK. I had a week off and now I have to buckle down. If I’m sparse around the internets (meaning I’m online 16 hours a day instead of 18 :p) then that’s why.It’s a new week, and I’ve got some lofty goals. I still can’t believe SPECIALSAUCE has been announced and I don’t have to be all shifty-eyed when people ask me what on earth I’m doing with my time here besides hunting for pretty boys with accents. NOW YOU KNOW.

And on that note, I suppose I best go WRITE.

Tea and cookies for you, lovelies.


3 thoughts on “Falling Off Mountains and Buying Books

  1. Bonnie says:

    Yay, glad you had a great trip! That photograph is beautiful.

    I’ve seen that dictionary at the store before but haven’t purchased it. You’ll have to tell us how you like it!

    I received a copy of “The Near Witch” through netGalley as well! I’m so excited and can’t WAIT to read it!!!!!

  2. Jen Chandler says:

    I’ve been out of the loop for a while, but I was very happy to come back to the aether-webs to hear you broke your book buying fast by purchasing that marvelous tome of fables! You’ll be glad you did 😉 Have an awesome week and I hope you’re able to get loads of writing done!


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