Doing ALL the things.

Oh Hyperbole and a Half. No one sums it up like you.

This post could also be called: “Existential Crises of a Former Self-Proclaimed Multitasker”

I’ve always thought of myself as a multitasker, but then yesterday I did things ONE AT A TIME *gasp* and…stuff got DONE *doublegasp* and I was more productive than I’ve ever been *triplegaspfaint* so now I’m basically questioning everything I know about myself.

Also, it’s blue skies and raining here, so thank you, England, for proving that logic is optional and encouraging me to argue that just because something seems impossible, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening somewhere.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to drink my tea like a m*****f***ing adult.

*This post is short because it’s Wednesday.


One thought on “Doing ALL the things.

  1. Danielle says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard. Well, actually….I was freaking out. I think my anxiety was building just from reading that and imagining myself doing it all. Then at the end, I laughed. Glorious!

    You’re right. Single tasking is very productive. I’m actually more of a single-minded multi-tasker, so try that one out. Imagine my stress level. AH. I also made a new self-discovery yesterday. I wrote in a lineless journal! Oh, V. I’ve always run away from lineless journals. Where’s the structure? How will I keep things from being messy? Where are the LINES? I need lines. BUT let me tell you–it’s so freeing. I may never go back to lines again. My brain is freaking out. (Although, I did buy multi-colored pens so I could organize my lineless thoughts. I have issues.)

    That was long. Welcome to my brain!

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